Monday, June 22, 2009

Struttin' With Some Barbecue

Thursday a friend of mine mentioned he could possibly get comp tickets to a Yanni concert, the only thing we would have to pay would be the $4.00 processing fee. My reaction was "Sure, whatever." $4.00 for a concert ticket is pretty cheap. You can't even see a movie for $4.00. I sort of tucked the concert idea away in my head, and didn't think much about it until my friend called on Saturday afternoon to firm up the details. I'm not big into Yanni, but I'll listen, plus I'm familiar with a couple Yanni songs. I kept thinking "I hope we stay awake for the concert" because we woke up bright and early to go running that same Saturday morning. We were pleasantly surprised that the seats were not in the nose-bleed section of Cox Arena, but just 6 rows up from the floor, at a slight angle of the stage. The concert was anything but a sleepy concert. Yanni had something like a 22 piece orchestra, mostly strings, cool lighting, plus extremely talented singers. It was a pleasant surprise. Yanni truly looks really happy doing what he's doing. I've been to some concerts where the performers look like it's just another gig, another day at the job. The concert wasn't what I expected at all. It really was great and we were all blown away.

Sunday we hosted Father's Day at our house. My husband insisted on barbecuing. He requested shrimp for Father's Day, so I obliged and found some huge tiger shrimp, shell on, de-veined, which were the hit of the day. He also barbecued steak, bratwursts, veggie kabobs and corn on the cob. We had a ton of food and drinks, so much that we have enough left over for the 4th of July. We didn't over buy, it's just that people brought more stuff. We also had perfect weather. Unlike the day before, we had gorgeous weather, perfect to have everyone gather outside.

Today I'm feeling like a slug. You bet I indulged a bit yesterday. How could I not? Shrimp, steak, wine coolers, apple pie, family and friends? I didn't have RU today, thank goodness, so I did a much more scaled back workout at home instead:

Squats - Several sets while watching Oprah...
Push-ups, real ones - 5 sets of 12,
Abs to failure on a stability ball - around 200ish,
20 minutes of stretching, mostly hips, quads, sides.

I supposed I could fit in something else, but I'm still dealing with the food hangover...

Saturday's song:
Grey - Yellowcard



cami said...

Sounds like the perfect Father's Day weekend! Steak, apple pie, veggie kabobs? Hmmm, you're making me really hungry...

Glenn Jones said...

Wasn't Father's Day the *best* day of the year weatherwise. I did a little five miler in the AM and it was absolutely gorgeous!

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

I had BBQ on the way home from my triathlon! YUM! Your cook out sounds like it was great!

barbie2be said...

i happen to love yanni. :) glad you enjoyed it!

I Run for Fun said...

I LOVE Yanni! I've sat for hours just watching his concert on TV...he puts his heart into his music and the audience really connects with him. Glad you enjoyed the concert.

runnerinsight said...

Happy Father's Day! That was a very good celebration you had! Thank you for sharing your piece of a wonderful father's day. Keep the fire burning! ; )

Anne said...

Michael looks like a natural with the barbecue. Glad the Yanni concert wasn't a yawnie concert (I'd heard he's pretty entertaining too).

See you Saturday?

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Great Father's Day weekend you had. And good for you for doing some strength work at home. I just can't get motivated unless I go to the gym for some reason.

Nitmos said...

Does Yanni play the pan flute? Where's that guy go? I loved the 2 minute long pan flute commercials back in the day.

AKA Alice said...

Really? Yanni? I'm surprised!

Glad you had fun. Happy late F-Day to Michael.

Irene said...

Oh it was good. It's hard, this week, to eat right!

Wasn't it the best day? Glad yours went well, too!

I'll bet your barbecue was the best ever, especially after the tri!

I love watching people enjoy what they actually do for a living. Yanni had this look of happiness and contentment about him. This was one of the best shows. If it comes to your area, don't miss it!

His show was pretty close to the one they always show on PBS. Fantastic. :)

It was a perfect day!

Michael was one with the barbecue... I honestly didn't know what to expect from Yanni. It's a must see show, for sure! See you Saturday!

I have to keep things going if I want to get my body 100% back! It's a lot of work!

I think you're thinking of Zamfir. :) LOL. Yanni is all about the keyboards and composing.

AKA Alice,
Yes, Yanni. Surprised? Great show!

healthy ashley said...

$4 for a concert? I'd go see anyone perform! But yours does sound good. I love concerts like that!

Good job on still fitting in some sort of a workout!