Thursday, June 04, 2009

Rollin' With My Homies


THIS Sunday?


I've signed up for the Aflac Iron Girl 5k/10k starting at the Del Mar Race Track.

Am I ready?

Mentally, yes. First off, it's advertised as a girl's event. Since I didn't get into Nike , this will be the next best thing -- and shorter -- and more cost effective. Event fees were about $16 with a couple of sweet discounts. The motivating factor is many of my track club friends will be there, Penny is driving down just for the event, and thoughts of mimosas with AKA Alice and friends at breakfast is enough to even slightly sway me. It's purely social. Who said anything about athletics?

Physically, not really. The muscles in my right leg are telling me that I'm crazy. I have a mild case of shin splints and my piriformis muscles (butt muscles) are really tight. What I really need is a massage.

No need for speed. I don't need to shatter any records

Monday's song:

Pump Up The Jam - Techtronic



KatieFeldmom said...

Coolio sings the song.
Coolio on the race .... sounds like fun!!!

AKA Alice said...

You may be thinking differently after the car ride up...Heffers at 6:30 in the morning can be hard to take LOL.

JK...I'm completely excited that you're coming with us. I won't be breakin' any land-speed records either. That's for sure.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

sounds like a really neat event with some the great company of AKA Alice and Penny! Enjoy it! :D

I Run for Fun said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Have a great time...and hope you do get a massage.

Southbay Girl said...

How can you resist the AFLAC DUCK!!!! If it were only in pink!!!

Running through Life said...

That sounds like fun! Especially the mimosas. ;D

I can't believe you're doing this so soon after the marathon. I can finally sit on the toilet without my thighs screaming at me!

Have a GREAT time!!

Anne said...

You'll love it. Definitely a favorite and, yes, the breakfast afterward is one of the best I've had put on by a race.

See you today for lunch!

Glenn Jones said...

Hmm... Butt massages. Now there's a business opportunity....

Fair Weather Runner said...

pump up the jam... oh i love it. good call.

good luck on the 5k, hope you DO get a massage before, i bet it would make a ton of difference!

Dori said...

You can do it. What a great excuse to go to Del Mar. It will be your last hurrah before you turn the big 5-oh!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Have a BLAST at the 5K!! Woot!!

Irene said...

Winner! That song reminds me of the movie "Clueless." LOL

AKA Alice,
It was fun! YOu did awesome on your 10K. I hope to catch up, soon.

We were kind of bummed that Penny couldn't make it down, but she had a pretty decent race the day before, plus some age placement hardware to show! We had a good time, though!

I'm still waiting on the massage...

We missed you!!! But it sounds like you had a great Saturday, though! The duck is hysterical. :)

I just did the 5k, thank goodness! This is the first marathon where I wasn't THAT sore all week, just a day, but even though I'm sure I could have pulled off a 10k, I wouldn't have enjoyed it. 5k was just enough. :)

The breakfast was just OK. I brought it home, Evan discovered it and INHALED whatever was in the bag -- I think a yogurt, banana, muffin and something else, not sure what. I enjoyed seeing you at lunch. We must do that again, soon. :)

I still haven't had a massage yet, but I'm hoping for one in the near future...

Fair Weather Runner,
Someone else suggested Pump Up The Jam for my marathon playlist, and I like it a lot! Still waiting on a massage.

If anything, it was fun having breakfast with the girls. :) I'm glad I did the 5k and squeezed in one more race before 50.

It was fun!!!