Saturday, December 06, 2008

What's This?

Since my surgery and being relatively out of commission with workouts and running the way I was accustomed to, my body has changed. I haven't gained or lost weight, but I've lost muscle and how I carry my weight on my body has shifted. My clothes don't fit right, mostly pants. I really don't like shopping, especially during the busy holiday shopping season, but I needed to go try on some jeans, otherwise I would have 'trolled the internet for jeans. I braved the mall. I figured Macy's offered a plethora of jeans and pants, but I was overwhelmed. (I was sort of hoping that Tim Gunn and Gretta Monahan would just happen to show up and rescue me, but no.) I tried on 3 different sizes in several different brands, but nothing really fit right, and the ones that did sort of fit were more than I wanted to pay. I just can't justify spending $200.00 on jeans. I don't know why I even bothered to look at those. Flustered, I meandered down to Old Navy and found their jeans on sale for $20.00 AND THEY FIT. GASP! I should have known.

Thanks to Anne, I can now play "Yesterday's song" on my blog post. I won't do this all the time, unless it's a really obscure song that happens to show up on Mixwit.

Yesterday's Song:
Super Sunny Christmas - Redd Kross



Melanie said...

great find on the jeans... i struggle with finding ones that fit me too... and also will never spend $200 on jeans. Enjoy your weekend!

WADDLER26.2 said...

The less expensive jeans fit me better. I hate shopping for jeans---it is such a reality check.

AKA Alice said...

I love Old Navy Jeans. I agree...they just fit!

You were brave for going to the mall though.

MizFit said...

Im with you on the less expensive jeans love.
a year or so ago I went to nordstroms and pretended I was rich :)
tried on all the PRICEY (300.00!!) jeans to see what id love were I able to afford.
not a one!
I still was smitten with my old navys!

Irene said...

I like knowing exactly what fits, but with all the changes, I didn't know what would fit. I was relieved I found jeans that fit, plus $20! Yay!

I'm convinced that they make the uber expensive jeans for women without hips or thighs! Hooray for Old Navy. ;)

AKA Alice,
A busy mall! I did OK and came home in one piece. LOL.

Hi, thanks for visiting! I used to work at Neiman Marcus and have seen the over priced merchandise! I think the whole time I worked there I bought pajamas for my kids, only because they were on sale and I had an employee discount. As for jeans, I'm completely fine going for cheap. I'd much rather spend that kind of money on something that's going to last me a long, long time.

Juls said...

My favorite jeans are by CAbi. Flattering cut, and stretchy material that feels really good.

Irene said...

Thanks for the info. I'll have to look for those!