Monday, December 22, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

I can't believe what an absolutely gorgeous day it was here in paradise. Temperatures in my 'hood almost hit 70 degrees. I opened up the house. Man, that sure felt good. Rain is on the way, so I took advantage of the glorious sunshine. I talked my grandson into picking tangerines, playing with his cars, and getting the dog to play fetch. I'm still dealing with cold symptoms, but it sure felt good to bask in the sunshine. Then I phoned my sister, the one in Illinois. She informed me that it was -3 degrees in Wheaton. Then she told me to shut up. Ha ha.

It's a blustery shade of grey today, and lightly raining. I'm feeling a little bit better and, just perhaps, it will be a good day to make some Christmas cookies with my grandson, and just get that nice, warm, cozy feeling to the house.


OK, I'll be the first to admit that we're spoiled with the weather here in Southern California. It's not just the people who are spoiled. I took this picture of my dog, Logan, this morning, snuggling up to the space heater:

Friday's song:
Christmas In America - Melissa Etheridge



AKA Alice said...

You have a very smart dog! I need a space heater right about now. Can you believe I actually went out and ran in this stuff this morning?

I don't know who originally did the song, but yesterday I heard one of the lead characters in the movie "Elf" sing it...I love that song. It is so appropriate right now.

Stay warm!

KatieFeldmom said...

Lady Antebellum just recorded a version of that song and it's awesome.

Hope you are not getting sick!!!

Love the pictures of Evan!!!

SavyArt said...

OK, how BIG is that dog???

If it makes you feel better I have more than 2 feet of snow sitting outside, and it's supposed to be -6 tonight. Flannel PJ's here I come!

Have a happy holiday!

barbie2be said...

why, dean martin of course!

when i left NSM's on friday night it was 35. BRRRR!

Anne said...

I'm loving all the rain, even if it's ruining one side of our living room wall because of a leak. I was going to say Dean Martin too, but I don't know who the female voice is on the song.

Irene said...

AKA Alice,
I don't know about smart. Spoiled, yes. :) Winner! (close enough!)

Winner!!! I had an annoying cold that is just about over, Yay!

The dog weighs about 75 pounds, so she's sort of big, but not huge. She looks larger in the picture. You know how they say a picture adds about 10 pounds... LOL. Flannel jammies sound wonderful!

Winner! Yeah, that is cold for that area! Brrrr!

I love the rain when I can be indoors and cozy. :) Winner, too!