Friday, December 26, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


We had Christmas Eve festivities at my sister in law's house. We were missing a few people this year, as seems to be the case every year now that the kids are all grown up and living elsewhere. A few highlights included my father in law being released from the hospital/hospice, my son made creme brulee, 12 individual servings, for dessert -- he's never made it before, and my grandson gave out all the gifts to everyone BEFORE opening his own gifts.

Here are a few pictures:

Daria (the one-eyed cat) making herself at home in a gift box.

This is a big deal. Michael's dad had been in the hospital and hospice for several weeks with a fracture. He was able to come home on Christmas Eve. Evan kept his Great Grandpa entertained all evening long, and watching Evan make his great grandpa laugh was priceless.

My niece and her significant other


We spent Christmas day at home, most of the time in our PJ's, watching the rain from our living room window with a nice hot cup of coffee. The highlights of Christmas day included my daughter surprising us by making breakfast, Christmas music all day long, watching Evan open up his gifts and was very thankful for all of his gifts -- even the underwear, friends stopping by for some holiday cheer, and my son volunteering to spend the night with his grandpa so that my mother in law could sleep.

Back at home, Santa had arrived. All is calm. All is bright.

Do something funny!

After the whirlwind of gift opening

Evan and his mommy playing with his new set of Speed Racer Hothweels.

Logan trying to blend in amongst the mayhem

Erik barely waking up with a cup of coffee.

After the clean-up is done, Luna the cat is looking very proper in the dining room. (She only does this if the dog is outside.)

Other stuff:
We're still working on the bathroom, but it's looking beautiful. It just occurred to me that I did not take before pictures of the bathroom, or I just can't find one if I did. It was 1940's pink and lime green. I suppose it could have looked retro, but the tile was aluminum and falling off. It was pretty gross. Now we have limestone tiles in the tub area and on the floor. Michael is doing the grout work himself. We should be back being to a two bathroom household in a few days. Yay.

Yesterday's song:
Slower Than Christmas - The Boxmasters

Wednesday's song:
Santa Claus Is Comming To Town - The Jackson 5, Bruce Springsteen, Faith Hill, Mariah Carey, Burl Ives, Ray Charles, etc...



Anne said...

Looks like a fun time had by all, from grandsons and grandpas to one-eyed animals and rather pooped pooches.

I remember Frank Sinatra singing this one. In fact, it's on a CD we're listening too right now!

AKA Alice said...

Sorry I've been MIA for the last few days. LOVE your family photos. The one of Michael with the camera just cracks me up!

Glad you had a wonderful day. ((sigh)) it's time for cleanup.

PS...Yes, you can say Mazel Tov at Hanukkah. It's sorta like saying "I'm sending you good wishes, or a blessing" or something close to that.

Mazel Tov!

NotSoccer Mom said...

luna looks adorable! isn't it funny how our pets get into the season too. glad you had a good one!

barbie2be said...

luna looks a lot like the cat i had when i was a teenager. her name was you. as in "hey, you... cat!"

smartypantz32 said...

Looks like you had an awesome Christmas! There is nothing like Christmas with friends and family. Have a very happy new year.

leslie said...

I loved getting to see you whole family! And what a gift that Michael's dad could be with you all!

Irene said...

Winner!!! It was a nice, low keyed evening and an equally low keyed Christmas.

AKA Alice,
Well, you have been busy! Our holiday stuff is still up, but all of the mayhem is cleared up. ;) Oh, good! Mazel Tov!

She likes to hang out under the tree.

LOL @ your past kitty's name!

Thanks! We had a wonderful time!

It was a huge deal to have my father in law there. He was so happy.