Monday, December 08, 2008

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays! This quiz came from Not Soccer Mom.

Your Christmas is Most Like: A Very Brady Christmas

For you, it's all about sharing times with family.

Even if you all get a bit cheesy at times.

In reality, our holidays are more between National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and a little like A Christmas Story. One year my husband was actually expecting a big bonus but ended up with a corporate gift, similar to the Jelly of the Month club (from the Christmas Vacation movie.) We also have the relative that was asked to say the blessing and they say something like the Pledge of Allegiance instead. (Which just about happened THIS Thanksgiving, but I won't get into details just yet...) Where our Christmas is a little like A Christmas Story is receiving that gift that one of us likes and the other doesn't, and it suddenly breaks or disappears. (Remember the *Fragile* leg lamp?) I suppose there are some parallels to a Very Brady Christmas, well, maybe just one. My husband is a Mike and he happens to be an architect, just like Mike Brady. *sigh* I'm really stretching it here. I can't even remember A Very Brady Christmas, but I do recall seeing it.

Yesterday's song:
That Christmas of Spirit - Ray Charles - Run-DMZ, Katiefeldmom




Anne said...

I should take this quiz at some point because I can't really think of what our Christmases resemble. They tend to be uneventful, unlike the holidays of my youth.

Anne said...

Oh, and this is another one that could be a variety of singers, right? I'm going with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I think they have a version of this song on one of our Christmas CDs.

Shosh said...

I love both of those movies. We are actually going to have a Hanukah party this year for the first time in a long time...I'll let you know if there is anything fun to report. :-)

NotSoccer Mom said...

haha, we used to have a christmas vacation kind too--my ex husband was like that. but man do i love that movie! i put it on every year while decorating. it's so hysterical.

barbie2be said...

ha! i got a charlie brown christmas. and that is SO like every christmas of my childhood.

Irene said...

It gets tougher as the years roll on. I try to make my own holiday merriment. :) Winner!

You're back! Have fun at the party! I've never been to a Hanukah party.

We watcj that movie every year, too! Love it.

I adore that movie. I can empathize with Charlie Brown. Does it date me when I say I actually remember the first time it was on TV??? Yikes.