Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Colors of Christmas

What colors are the holidays?

I actually had this conversation with a previous boss. We had a little *ahem* discussion over what color paper to use for the employee news letter during the month of December. I personally think the holidays, which ever ones you celebrate, can be any color you want them to be. I have a blue/silver/white thing going on right now. I put up my Christmas tree on Sunday and I think it looks rather lovely in the hues of blue. It's purely not blue, there's some ornaments with reds and greens mixed in there, but it's mostly blue with clear lights. I will have a smaller tree going up in the sun room that will don some of my more traditional and homemade ornaments, mostly reds and greens.

Several years ago, my husband worked at a firm that participated in a tree decorating contest. One year they had a tree that was decorated with things from the 1950's, such as bubble lights, fuzzy dice, vinyl 45's, bubble gum pink and baby blue ornaments, etc. Another year they did a completely white tree with all white ornaments that had to do with baseball, in honor of a local sports celebrity. At these same events we saw other trees that had to do with The Wizard of Oz, rainbows, monarch butterflies, peacocks, etc. It was a fun event to attend, just to see the themed trees. Aside from the trees my husband's office worked on, I liked the tree decorated with monarch butterflies. Who knew orange, black and white butterflies would make such a lovely tree?

When I was about 8 years old, my mom bought my brother and I small Christmas trees for our rooms. Mine was a fake white tree with shiny pink ornaments, and my brother had one of those shiny aluminum trees in gold with green shiny ornaments. I thought that having my own tree in my room was the end all. I'm waffling around with putting a small Christmas tree in my grandson's room. I may hit up Big Lots and see if I can find something inexpensive with unbreakable ornaments. My own kids weren't as into the tree decorating thing as I was, but their favorite holiday was/is Halloween. Oh well.

What ever colors your holidays are, I hope they bring you joy.

Monday's song:
Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley - Miss Rachel



Miss Rachel said...

"A great big shiny aluminum Christmas tree - maybe painted pink!" (Charlie Brown Christmas).

I like the idea of theme trees, and I definitely like your blue and silver theme. There is an annual Festival of Trees at the art museum in Hartford, and I've been to it a few times. It makes me want to do something different with my tree, but I have always gone with the same stuff every year.

Anne said...

Your tree sounds beautiful, Irene. We intentionally go tacky every year in reaction to the "designer trees" I grew up with. I think Evan would be thrilled with his own little tree, so I hope you hit gold at Big Lots.

Irene said...

I love Christmas trees, no matter what theme, shape, size, color!

The coolest thing about Christmas trees is that no two are EVER alike! Speaking of tacky, I worked at a party supply store a zillion years ago. We actually made a New Year's Eve tree. Now, THAT was tacky! (But so much fun!)

barbie2be said...

oh, you should go to like walgreens or rite aid and get one of those little live trees that is decorated. then after the season you can plant it!