Friday, May 18, 2007

Walk Away

Upper body workout, circuits - High reps, low weights - Biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, 8 sets of 20 each. Also walked up "The Hill" with my grandson. The walk was probably about a half mile.

The fun thing about going on walks with my grandson, who is almost 4, is looking at cars and identifying makes and models. "Look, look, look Mimi... It's a blue Mini Cooper -- my favorite!" "Oh, look at that one, it's a Ford Edge!" He goes on and on about ALL car in his line of sight for the entire walk. He knows most all cars, until we get to a VW Beetle. "Mimi, look... It's a Volkswagon Dragonfly!" LOL...

I also took my cell phone to try something with the Wireless Run Tracker. I put it in walk mode and wanted to see if I could over-ride it by taking a picture. It didn't work. The tracker turned off. I did take the above picture at the top of the hill, then turned the tracker back on. Next time I'll take the good camera for a better picture that I can crop without having the picture be too small or fuzzy. The cell phone camera is only about 1.5 mega pixels.

I have plans to run at the bay tomorrow. We'll probably do the 5.5 mile out and back run along the bay path before it gets too busy.

I'm not sure what was up with Blogger today. I entered this same post earlier but the "comment" selection at the bottom of the post was missing. I had tried reposting to get it to show up. I hadn't changed any of my settings so it was probably a glitch in the system, or something, because it worked in the above post "Testing." Anyone else having Blogger problems today?


Edit - I see what they did. While I was posting, they (Blogger) was changing things. I don't know if I can get "comments" to work on this post.


Irene said...

Figured it out!

Chantal wins with Kelly Clarkson!

Anne said...

I had the same thing happen on Saturday when I tried to post about a race. Meantime, now my photos are missing. Times like these I wish I'd gone with Wordpress.

Pamela said...

Just finally checking on everyone glad that Blogger is working for ya! Nice about the walk with the wee un! sounds like a LOT of fun!

Irene said...

Every time they add or "fix" something, something else get's messed up. Grrr. I hope your pictures come back.

You're back! I'll check your blog for details! I get a different perspective about life from my grandson. :)