Friday, May 11, 2007

It's About Time

Here's the only picture of me in action at the 8k run last Sunday. This time I remembered to take my cell phone out of my arm band to stop the GPS tracking once I crossed the finish line just several feet away.

Here's an awesome picture of my hubbie, putting on the speed towards the finish line.

The final count down to the marathon is on. We've recieved our official race numbers in the mail today. I had forgotten that I put a predicted 5:00:00 finish time, which I'm hopeful that I can achieve, and would be thrilled if I exceeded it. Hubbie's predicted finish time is 5:50:00. He hasn't been training as much as I have, but I think he'll come close to his prediction. The predicted finish time dictates which corral number we start in. I'm in corral #15, and hubbie will be in #20.

It has been a rather warm week here in San Diego. I'm hoping that the weather will be kind for our long run tomorrow.



Anne said...

Great action photos!

Juls said...

You look like you are enthusiastically cheering as you run. Woo hoo!

zooman said...

Hope you have a great Mother's Day and if you are running on Sunday I hope the Mother's Day Fairy puts wings on your shoes and guides you to a great run!

smartypantz32 said...


It's about life, it's about fun

Great photos!
Hope you have a great run this weekend.

Irene said...

Heh, at least we look like we're really running!

I was trying not to drop my cell phone the last several feet. ;) But I was feeling pretty good about the run.

Thanks, Troy! Even though I ran yesterday, I'm not sore today, so perhaps the fairies are making it easy for me. LOL...

Winner with one of the answers! There's a guy group, too!
Thanks. :)