Friday, May 04, 2007

Kiss From A Rose

Light upper body circuit workout with resistance bands after work today.

I didn't have much soreness the past couple of days after that long run, just stiff quads and my sides were sore, but that was it.

The SDRNR Marathon announced their headliner concert and I plan on attending this one...

The last two years we didn't attend the concerts after the marathon because we couldn't move, and it required getting in a car and driving to the venue. We were in no condition to drive anywhere, even across the street. Besides all of that, we really didn't know who the featured bands were. (We're not very hip.) This year training is going well, there's way less muscle soreness, the concert venue is closer to home, and we own 2 of his CD's, well, 3 if you count the Batman soundtrack.

Sunday is the Union Tribune 8K Race For Literacy at Balboa Park. I get to run with Anne (Run-DMZ) and a group of people to form "Team Alpha." We each represent a letter of the alphabet. Since "E" was already taken (for Eyeball), I picked "I" as in "I'm right here." Hubbie will represent "M" but I don't know what for, other than his name. I'm not going out to break any records at this run, but to have fun. I'll try and get pictures.



Anne said...

Seems like cheating to try and "guess" this one, but the title song is by Seal.

Glad to see Elite bring back national acts for the post-race concert. I've never been, though the year Live performed, we all had tickets since the family volunteered at an aid station while I ran. ... This "A" is looking forward to running with "I" and "M" tomorrow morning.

Irene said...

YAY ANNE! Winner!

barbie2be said...

i love seal. a few years ago i won tickets from a radio station to see him at the warfield in san francisco. it was great because i was a VIP so we had awesome seats right near the stage!