Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I'm Still Standing

Activity: Run
Distance: 20.03 miles
Time: 4:00:20
Speed: 5.01 mph
Pace: 11' 59 min/mile
Calories: 1915

1 10' 09
2 10' 32
3 11' 14
4 10' 27
5 11' 33
6 11' 57
7 12' 05
8 11' 07
9 11' 51
10 11' 45
11 12' 17
12 12' 14
13 12' 13
14 12' 33
15 12' 04
16 12' 25
17 12' 33
18 13' 40
19 13' 45
20 13' 23
end 18' 20

Actually, I did my 20 miles in *just* under 4 hours. When the run tracker beeped for that final mile, I was surprised because I thought I had another quarter mile to go, so I had to stop, pull the phone out of the arm band and attempt to look at it through my dusty eyes. It took a good several seconds to do that, which added time to the run. I did much better with this run than I did with my 18 miler, however I needed twice as much water than I had on me, so I had to make 4 stops at water fountains to fill one of my bottles. I was lucky the bay path had a fountain about every half mile or so. If I run as I did today, I could expect to finish the marathon in about what I did last year, which was 5:13. My goal is still 5 hours or less. I still have one more 20 mile training run to work out some of the kinks, like not running out of water and making sure I have enough electrolytes, which could shave off some of that wasted time.

It's off to the showers and then off to "run" errands... My day is far from over...

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barbie2be said...

elton john.

good job, irene! 4 hours for 20 miles is great.

Dori said...

Fantastic! After 20 miles, the only thing I'd have on my list is to nap for 4 hours! I think you'll beat last year's time. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh you'll definitely beat last year's time, I know it!!!

Wow, I can't even seem to get in 30 minutes of exercise and you run for 4 hours! My hats off to you woman!

WADDLER26.2 said...

Great run time! Wow!

Anne said...

I think you're still in contention to run under 5. Remember, you'll be handed water -- not draining it from fountains along the way. And, hey, if you couldn't tell your mileage was up, that's a good sign too!

I was swamped and unable to read blogs until tonight. Sorry I missed your blog anniversary. Glad to have found it and met you. See you and Michael Sunday!

Irene said...

Once again, WINNER! As for me, only 6.2 more to go...

I tried to take a nap, but I was still buzzy from the gels... I'm trying to keep a clear head about this marathon.

Thanks for cheering me on! I really need it!

Thanks! Good luck at your Flying Pig Marathon this weekend! I'll be checking your blog for a full report!

I hope so. Thanks for the encouragement. I do realize that the marathon provides water and electrolytes thorough out. I was amazed how thirsty I was for this last run. I think the antibiotics had something to do with it, though. I'm glad there were drinking fountains along the way. As for underestimating the mileage, I think my brain was a little fuzzy at that point... LOL. I'm glad we met, as well! I'm looking forward to the 8k this weekend! See you there!