Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I've been tagged by Chantal...

This one's the 7 unknown facts about me.

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1) I am the middle child. My brother is 4 years older and my sister is about 5 1/2 years younger. Since there was such an age difference between the three of us, I never went through the Jan Brady/middle child thing, maybe because I was the second born grandchild but the first born grand-daughter. My grandparents on my dad's side spoiled me rotten.

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2) I have no real favorite color. I do, however, go through color phases. Right now I like brighter/lighter shades of green. Before that it was purple. Before that it was cobalt blue. I also like to decorate with burgundy and reds, but peach is nice, too. Light blue is calming and is the color of my dining room. My kitchen walls are light yellow. I have red dishes and kitchen accessories. I'm an interior designer's nightmare.

3) I've had gray hair since I was in my teens. It was just a couple in the back.

4) I had my first airplane ride when I was age 4. My uncle, an airline pilot, chartered a small plane and took several of us for a ride, mostly family members. I rememer getting all dressed up for the occasion. 5) My next flight wasn't until I was 23, when I flew to the east coast for a 2 week last hurrah trip to visit friends, before getting engaged.

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6) Shoe size 6 1/2. Most running shoes 7.

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7) I didn't use any drugs when I gave birth to my kids. The first time was by choice ~ I am woman, hear me roar... in pain. What was I thinking??? The second time was not by choice. The baby was in a hurry... If I were to do things over, you bet the word "epidural" would be in my vocabulary, and on my wish list.

I tag anyone who hasn't done this yet.


Pamela said...

~lol~ about the Wonderwoman pic...I too did both mine with NO drugs.

KatieFeldmom said...

~~ Prince ~~
LOL about the epidural comment.

chantal2bfit said...

Cool list, especially since you have pictures and all. :)

I just remembered something in regards to your running/strength training dilemna. I stalk this woman's blog:


She's a serious runner who just completed the Boston Marathon. I believe she's training for another marathon in the fall. Anyhoo, she has also been doing the Crossfit program, which I believe is some kind of harcore strength/circuit training. Check it out!

Irene said...

After watching my grandson being born, I realized that epidurals could be a good thing...


The pictures made my boring stuff more interesting... I checked out the blog. She is fantastic!

Dori said...

Buon Giorno! Greetings from Roma. Thinking about your upcoming race. Hope you have fun and a great race!

shopper said...

You are one tough cookie. You run and run from epidurals. :) You go girl!