Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Crosstown Traffic

It feels good to be back on "schedule." I put in a 4.19 mile (in 45:53) yesterday morning from my house to the bay and back. I didn't run the entire bay path, just a portion of it. My only problem with running from my house to the bay is traffic at the freeway off ramps. I needed stop and cross two of those ramp intersections right before the bay. Many drivers just don't pay attention.

Today was a scheduled visit to the chiropractor, and it's a good thing, too. I'm not sure what changed but I had a little asthma last night and it threw my back out. He set me straight, again, did some pressure point stuff, and worked on my feet. I feel all nice and jello-y.

Other stuff:
I stole this from Kyra's blog (Shaping My Way) -- thought it was kinda cool.



barbie2be said...


funny, i had asthma today and also have a chiro appt this evening. :)

sister smile said...

My assma was bugging me a little bit today, too. It's the humidity. No chiro cracker appointment, though.

Anonymous said...

Glad the chiro was able to fix you up!

Irene said...

Winner! I hope your chiro fixed your asthma.

Sister Smile,
Perhaps it was the humidity here, too. Assma. Hehehehe...

I love going to my chiro. He massages my back before making any adjustments. I go at least once a month.

barbie2be said...

i was just all kinds of trouble for my chiro yesterday. she couldn't get anything to go and then neither could the clinician (i go to the chiropractic college).

Irene said...

Bummer! Did they at least give you a massage?