Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Read My Mind

It's a gorgeous day to go out and run but I just went to the chiropractor. Perhaps I'll take the dog out for a nice long walk.

When I go to the chiropractor I wear comfy clothes and usually don't dress up, wear make up or have my hair done up because everything will become wrinkled, smudged, and messed up. Today was no exception... I wore stretch yoga pants and a long sleeved t-shirt from the 2007 Super Run 5k, only because it was fresh out of the dryer and I really didn't care about making a fashion statement -- It was functional. After my chiropractor appointment, I needed a few things at Costco. While I was shopping, there was a guy who kept walking past me a few times, almost like he wanted to say something, but never did. A few people were looking at me but I still couldn't figure out what the deal was. Did a bird poo on me and I didn't notice? Was my underwear showing? What???? Then it occured to me: "They're reading my t-shirt." I really do like collecting all of the funky t-shirts from races, but I ususally wear them for working out at home, yard work, or if they're made of wicking material I might wear them on a training run, but that's it. I don't selectivly decide to wear a race t-shirt as a fashion statement, although I do like some of my race t's more than others. Maggie (Casutic Mussings) has, in the past, creatively re-fashioned some of her t-shirts to make them more wearable and sized for her very fit figure. I've also read that there's a lady who makes quilts from race t's. I don't know if I'd ever put in the effort to re-style a race t, although that is a pretty cool idea. (I supposed I could give it a try once on one of my least favorite T's.) I've also tried my hand at quilting before, but I'm too impatient. I like projects that take a day, perhaps two. I could also leave well enough alone and continue wearing my race t-shirts as I do now.

Yeah, it's a slow news day...

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KatieFeldmom said...

Reba Reba Reba Reba Reba
I had better get that one, right?

Last week one a TV show, a wife took all of her husband's old tshirts and made them into a quilt for him.

barbie2be said...

i'm guessing the killers, but i don't know if you are a "killers" kind of girl.

i like to wear my race t's. they feel kind of like a badge of honor or something. like, yeah.... i earned this damn shirt!

Irene said...

Amazing! I had two answers and you got the one I didn't think anyone would get! Winner with Reba!!! I didn't see that show, but it seems making quilts out of unexpected fabrics is quite popular. :)

Winner with the other choice!!! Killers! Oh, yeah, I'm a "Killers" girl... LOL. I love "Mr. Brightside." When they came out with "Somebody Told Me" I knew I had to have that CD - plus, a lot of their songs are great for running... My worn-in race t shirts make great night shirts. My favorite one, so far, is the one from the San Jose Half Marathon I ran in last year -- great choice of colors.

Pamela said...

Funny & here I was goin in the "way back machine" & thinking Gordon Lightfoot! ....I mean after "Dust in the Wind" it was just a natural progression thru my childhood memories! ~lol~

Irene said...

Gordon Lightfoot's song is "If You Could Read My Mind." I love that song... :) My hubbie used to play guitar back in the day, and he had the sheet music for it. Ahhh, memories... LOL...

shopper said...

Awwww, I thought you were going to say you had a pair of pink undies hanging out the bottom of your pants. ;) Wait that was me. It is funny how people read shirts. I'm a shirt reader so people are thinking weird things about me.

Irene said...

Teehee... Most of the time I don't wear shirts or pants (or underwear - LOL) that you can read. I read shirts, too, but I usually say something to the person,like "Oh, did you run in that race?" Then the verbal floodgates open and they gush about their race. ;) It's cool.