Monday, February 05, 2007

Working For The Weekend

My brother was in town for the weekend. When he arrived on Friday afternoon, he sort of mentioned checking to see if there were any run events that we could crash. As it turns out there was a 5k/10k event, just less than a mile from my house, the next day, on Saturday. It was so close I suppose we could have walked to it, but we drove... Since my brother (amazingly) didn't bring his running shoes, we signed up for the 5k. It was a nice, flat run near the bay, just adjacent to Sea World. It was a cool, crisp, sunny morning, perfect for a run. My speedy brother finished in 23:45, not a PR but, still pretty damn fast. As I finished, my time-piece read 27:42. The event clock said 27:45. The posted results said 28:01. It wasn't a "chipped" event, so the times are usually a few seconds off, but my time was more than a few seconds off. I still feel pretty good that I got out there and did the run. I didn't prep for this run, as in speed training, plus I was still getting over the stomach icks from earlier in the week, and it was day one of TTOTM. I'm glad I could hoof it under a 10 minute mile pace. I did get a tacky, long sleeved race t-shirt that has the superbowl teams logos on the back and the race logo on the front. The race was called the "Super Run," just because it's Superbowl weekend.

Hubbie and I also spent a good part of the weekend prepping the old house for our renters, which included a lot of scrubbing/cleaning and painting.

My weight is up. I threw caution to the wind this past week. PMS is just as a good excuse and anything else. Chocolate brownies were calling my name. My weight is up a good 6 pounds at the moment, and everything is just a little tight. I can't afford new bigger clothes at the moment, so it's back to totally clean eats, 'cept for my free meal day. Part of this weight gain is water retention, part of it is just being careless.

I'm filling in at work for the month of February OR until they find a new hire. Unfortunately, one of my favorite coworkers resigned her position. It's a long story that I can't really get into. I will really miss her, though. The good thing about this stint is that I should earn enough money to buy the refrigerator we really want.

This past summer one of my friends broke down (to me)about how she didn't like how overweight she had become. We saw her Sunday at the Superbowl party and she has already lost 14 pounds and is entered in a 5k in April. I was so stoked! She could barely even walk a mile, so she's going to walk this 5k. I'm so proud of her! If the timing is right, I might join her.

Have a great week!



barbie2be said...

loverboy! i love that song. :)

27:42 is terrific. i usually walk a 5K in about 32:40-ish. i'm just not a runner. i have developed a powerwalk that works for me.

KatieFeldmom said...

Great job on the run!!!!!
Very cool news about your friend!!

Anne said...

I need to be your friend and really commit to losing some weight. I fear mine is mostly hormonal and not coming off EVER!

I've done that 10k a few times. You know, the clock's never been right and with as many people running it now, you'd think they'd institute the chip.

Irene said...

Winner! Hubbie and I saw Loverboy in concert a gazillion years ago... 32:40ish is a pretty good, brisk walk! I've been at some events where the power walkers go faster than a lot of the runners -- They always amazed me!

The run was a spur of the moment thing. I'm glad my brother and I could finally do another run together. I'm so happy about my friend! She looked so much happier and healthier, too.

I was surprised about the turn out for that event. Yeah, I wish they would chip some of those bigger events, but Kathy Loper sure puts on a good event, though. I wonder what the cost would be to have an event chipped? It would have to be a much larger event, I would guess. Oh well. We got out there and ran. It wasn't pretty but we did it. :)
I need to get on the weight loss bandwagon now. I'm up but not by a lot, however, it wouldn't take much to add on to the weight. I don't want to have to get rid of 30 pounds all over again.

barbie2be said...

i wish i could stick to my eating/workout plan. my doctor has me taking prednisone for this chronic cough and i gained 7 lbs in two weeks.

i think i need to put a chain and padlock around the fridge to keep me out of it. although, it might be easier to just chain my jaws shut.