Thursday, February 22, 2007

Running to Stand Still

I'm feeling really beat up about now. Not so much from working out or running, but from all of the other physical labor I have been doing this week.

We've ordered a new refrigerator (finally). After some unscientific research and asking people about the pros and cons of their stainless-steel refrigerators, we've decided to get the LG Titanium. It's not really stainless steel, but it has the look, and it doesn't show fingerprints. EVERYONE we've talked to about their fridge said the same thing:
It looks great but fingerprints show up quickly, and they didn't think they'd have to "polish the refrigerator" frequently.
Unlike the stainless steel dishwasher, microwave and oven/range, the fridge is touched more frequently. We've received the same comments from people with kids and pets and from people without kids and pets. Hubbie and I spent time at Home Depot looking at a Maytag and the LG. We already have Maytag appliances in our kitchen, so that would have matched what we already have, BUT Maytag doesn't offer anything similar to the LG Titanium, at least not yet.

Well, now one more thing is checked off the lengthy list of things to do/buy for the house.

Yesterday afternoon I ran the approximately 5.50 miles (5.52) at the bay and tried out the wireless run tracker. It's very cool. I set it up to beep after every quarter mile. At each quarter mile, it would beep differently, and after a mile it would start the sequence over again. When I was finished with my run it showed the map/course and all of my stats. As far as yesterday's run, well, that's another story. It was rather windy in spots and it felt like I was going nowhere, running into the wind. My average mile was something like 10:44. I even felt sluggish, so I knew I wasn't putting forth a good effort and wasn't the least surprised at my much slower than normal time - my splits on the wireless run tracker definitely reflected it. I usually start out slow and finish strong, but I progressively went slower. It was actually beautiful at the bay and I did take a picture with my phone, but I need to figure out how to download it to my computer so I can post it here. I'm not very mechanically minded, so it will take a little figuring out the proper downloading procedure, but I know it can be done.

Today will be a rest day, and it's also, technically, a "free" meal dinner. I don't thing I'm going to go hog wild with the food and drink, since I did that already this week. I can still go out to dinner and keep everything clean, and save the alcohol (if at all) for the weekend.


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leslie said...

I am a homemaker geek, and I find new appliances to be VERY exciting! Now, girlfriend, you gotta get some of the "Fresher Longer" containers from Sharper Image -- they're fantastic!

If/when I get my new washer and dryer, they will have names and they will be announced on my weblog!


shopper said...

Isn't it hard choosing appliances? There are so many choices and if you're like me, you know you'll be stuck with it until it lays down and dies. It sounds like you made a smart purchase. Enjoy it!

Irene said...

It wasn't in the budget to get a custom Sub Zero fridge! But I think we'll be happy with our choice.

We NEVER get rid of anything, either, or I should clarify: Hubbie never wants to get rid of anything. It has to die first, and it still would be hard to get rid of the broken/dead appliance or thing. We left our other fridge at our old house for the renters and we were using the small one my uncle had until we could get a new one. As for parting with other things, we still have our beat up 1989 Honda Accord... It should be put out of its misery...

Anonymous said...

Pretty new fridge. I also love new appliances. We had to buy a new fridge, dryer, stove, microwave and toilet within the last 2 years. Not good for the budget, but YAY for me!

Sorry your run day before yesterday wasn't so great, but yesterday's run sounds wonderful!

barbie2be said...

ok, first... U2! i LOVE U2. :) seen them in concert 10 times.

the new fridge is beautiful! i wish i could get a new one. i hate the ugly almond colored piece of caca that we have in our kitchen.

Irene said...

It's nice using new appliances! We had to replace everything in the kitchen and the fridge was the last thing... Well, almost the last thing.

Any day I get to run is a great day. Sure, it wasn't one of my better runs but it was a pretty day! :)

Winner!!! It was a total fluke that I came across that song title!

I'm still laughing about the "almond caca..." Heh, it could be worse, I suppose, burnt gold or avocado green from the 70's... I guess that's all in the same category. LOL...