Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hanging on the Telephone

I've been pondering purchasing a Garmin or some sort of GPS thingy for running. I haven't put in a ton of research yet, but it's one of those gadgets that would be nice to have, and helpful for training. While I was leafing through the March 2007 issue of Runner's World, I found an advertisement for a wireless run tracker. Basically, you download the program to your phone, and your phone serves as your GPS device. Granted, it has to be a particular type of phone, but what a great idea.

I carry a cell phone with me when I run anyway, and there wouldn't be one more thing to think about. I've been wanting to upgrade my cell phone, but now I have a really good excuse to get the better upgrade. Hmmmmmm...

It's raining here. I suppose I could go out for a run but I have no rain gear. (Yeah, that's it...) Hubbie is sanding the floor in the garage storage area and I get to put down the polyurethane. It's gonna be a fun filled Sunday.


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chantal2bfit said...

I read about this. I wonder if it would work with a Motorolla Razr. I carry my cell phone during my runs too and it would be cool to have this feature instead of buying a Garmin.

barbie2be said...

i think this is a great idea putting GPS into cell phones. i have often joked with friends about getting implanted with a chip like my cat. it's a good idea in theory but wouldn't be much help unless emergency personnel actually knew it was there.

today i'm thinking blondie or def leppard.

Pamela said...

Sounds like a coool toy!

NotSoccer Mom said...

i'm not all that crazy about my razr... you might check with people in your area who use your carrier. but it's certainly a very cool idea!

chantal2bfit said...

I just checked this out some more. You need to pay $10/month to have this feature added to your phone. I don't know, but it might be worth it to just buy a Garmin. There's a $50 rebate going on right now with the Garmins. For the 205, you can get it for as low as $139 with the rebate.

shopper said...

My MIL says her phone has GPS capabilities. The clincher is that she will never ever figure it out. And probably neither would I. I hope you find the perfect thing for you!

Irene said...

I still need to weigh the options. My brother said if I cut out one thing that I purchase weekly, like (for example) buying lunch out, I could justify the extra $10/month.

We may all be chipped at some point! LOL... I know they've talked about doing that to kids...
Winner with Blondie!

I need to upgrade my cell phone, the one I have has lousy reception and I always miss calls. My family has the same service, so I know it's just my phone that's lousy... The GPS option would be nice.

There were other phone model options that work with the gps. A friend has a Razr and she likes it and gets decent reception/coverage. I don't know if that's what I'll get, though. I'll have to physically make it down to the phone kiosk at the mall to check everything out.

We were thinking about getting a GPS for my dad's car... He's always complaining that he gets lousy directions... LOL... I think it's just my dad... LOL... Once I make it out to the mall, then I'll decide if the wireless run tracker / GPS thing is worth the effort.