Sunday, February 25, 2007

I Don't Mind A Cloudy Day

Running stuff:
Today, Sunday, I got in my LSD run. I actually did 11.02 miles instead of just 10. I suppose I could have kept on going because I felt really good, unlike yesterday -- which was supposed to be my LSD run day. I even ran negative splits without really trying. I was almost run over by a lady on a bike... There was a "bottle neck" of people going both directions, and instead of slowing down to let the walkers and runners pass, she just went faster and hit my left arm hard with her handlebar. I couldn't get out of the way because I was sort of in the middle of the bottle neck on the path. I usually try to stay away from running near where it looks like the path might bottleneck, but in this instance it didn't quite work out that way.

Location: Mission Bay, San Diego, CA
Weather: about 60+ degrees and cloudy
Type: Run
Distance: 11.02 miles
Duration: 2:00:01
Average Pace: 10:53

I'm not speedy by any means, but it was a good run. My last mile split showed 9:55.

Other workout stuff:
I've finally moved my Bowflex into the house so I can start using it. Yay! It was in the patio with all kinds of other stuff that we've yet to go through from the move. I couldn't deal with not being able to use it...

Non workout stuff:
The fridge was delivered but the dorks who delivered it scratched both doors when they were trying to get it in my kitchen. I told them that the door/entry from the diningroom to the kitchen would be too small and that they should bring it in through the garage door to the kitchen, which was three whole inches wider. I even brought out a tape measure. They said "No, we know what we're doing." They even scraped the paint off the mouldnings around the entry way from the diningroom into the kitchen. I am kicking myself for not refusing the fridge because I wasted time on the phone (after that) trying to get the fridge replaced or fixed. Now I have to wait one to two weeks for replacement doors... Other than that snafu, It works, and will look great when they replace the doors. Considering everything we've had to do with the house, this is probably the first big snafu we've had to deal with. We've had all of the other appliances delivered and installed without any issues. Now I have to file a claim with their insurance company to deal with my mouldings... Sheesh...

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Dori said...

Famous last words, "we know what we're doing." I hate when workmen treat me like I'm an idiot because I'm a woman. What did they say when they scratched the doors and your moulding? I hope you let them know how much they inconvenienced you.

I have stainless steel and don't like it. In my new house I ordered doors that will match my cabinets.

sister smile said...

I agree with dori. I get well and truly fed up with being treated like that.

Your kitchen sounds lovely, though!

shopper said...

What idiots! I'm guessing they probably do this everywhere they go. That's sad. I hope the door gets there soon.

Evelyne said...

Great job on the run!

Sorry to hear about the delivery snafu! Stupid delivery men. Why don't they listen?? What DID they say after they scratched everything? Anything at all??

barbie2be said...

that is just so wrong. why can't they just listen to the homeowner?

"it's ok... we know what we're doing..." whatever.

KatieFeldmom said...

No idea who sings that song.

So sorry about the refrigerator. People can be such idiots ... like they know more about your house than you do.

Ouchie on the boo-boo from the run.

Irene said...

This is the first time I've had an issue with delivery people. They said nothing when they scratched the mouldings. Grrrr... If we ever do a custom kitchen, I would do the fridge the same as the kitchen cabinets, like you mentioned. Hubbie has clients that just did that and it looks so nice. Right now we're working with what we have and can afford.

Sister Smile,
The kitchen is getting there! There may be a breakthrough in resolving the scratched fridge door issue.

I'm hoping this will all be over soon. I still need to get the mouldings resolved...

It was a really good run. When I'm not even sore the day after, that makes it especially good! The delivery guys pointed out the scratch on one side of the door, not both doors, which are both scratched, and they said nothing about the mouldings... I guess they were hoping I didn't notice. Dorks! (And I'm being nice!)

I guess they thought I was a dumb broad or something. Heck, I even brought out a measuring tape and MEASURED the fridge and doorways right in front of them! Duh!

It's a folk song...

I guess not all delivery people can be decent. This is the first non Maytag item we've purchased. Even though we bought it at Home Depot, it came directly from the GE/LG warehouse near Los Angeles, so we were dealing with their delivery guys, not Home Depot's. As for the boo-boo ouchie, I thought it was gonna leave a mark, but it didn't. (LOL, you can tell you spend time with a 3 year old... I use the same words all the time, too!)

Anne said...

Hey, Irene. Are you doing the Sue Krenn 15k at Mission Bay this Saturday? I'll be volunteering, not running. Do let me know and maybe we can at least meet in person. (And shame on that cyclist!)

Irene said...

I'll check it out. Is there a time limit? The cyclist was a toursit...

chantal2bfit said...

I already commented in mybleds. But I would just like to add that you're fast compared to me. Your slow run pace is my tempo pace.