Friday, October 27, 2006


Time flies when you're running around in circles...

Tuesday evening I found out that a relative (hubbie's side of the family) had passed away. It was a complete shock because he did not appear sick. The weird thing is that he died on Sunday, and my mother-in-law knew about it but she forgot to tell anyone! My husband would have flown out to Iowa to attend the services. My MIL is in her mid 80's and is sometimes not "all there." -- The news of the death just happened to come up in coversation...

Yesterday the office was uncharacteristically quiet so I managed a few posts on some of the fitness boards I belong to, but did not update my blog or info. I did some organization of closets and drawers for the ladies at work just to keep busy. I also went to lunch with the boss. We went for sushi and she insisted that I try the "sushi burrito." She kept going on and on about how heavenly this "sushi burrito" was. Well, it was heavenly! We also shared a rainbow roll and a few pieces of sashimi. My boss is an interesting person... It's never a dull moment so there was plenty of lively conversation. Yesterday was also date night with hubbie, but I kept the food simple/light (shrimp, spinach salad, and some rice that I didn't eat much of) and a half a Grey Goose martini, no dessert.

Today I get to meet Leslie from blog land! She's here in town and we're going to meet for diiner tonight. I'm looking forward to that!

2.5 MILE RUN 26:05 TODAY -- First run since the 1/2 marathon on 10/8. I kept it easy.



Anonymous said...

Very sorry to hear about the death in the family. Good on you for being able to eat sushi, too. I lived in Japan for a few years and enjoyed it when I was there, but haven't been able to eat it since I got back.

A race in Arizona sounds lovely!

Irene said...

Sister Smile - Thank you for your condolences. He was a wonderful person.