Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Takin' Care Of Business

I'm not sure why I thought my employers would be able to find a tech right away, but they still haven't found one. The potential hires are either not able to work full time or they have no personality... They're looking for a tech with sales experience. They're out there. They're just not reading the job listing for our office... I figure I'll be there at least another couple of weeks. This temporary stint of employment is working out okay for me. I don't mind it right now, and with the holidays right around the bend, the extra income will come in handy.

Just like everyone else around me, I've come down with a cold. It's nothing serious, just annoying. There's a lot of coughing, sneezing and tissue involved. This shall pass. I haven't run since the half marathon, but mostly because of this cold. I had actually mapped out my workout plan for the rest of this year, which included getting myself in gear to, perhaps, run in the AZ RNR Half Marathon in January. I did get in a upper body workout with resistance bands (to failure)last night while watching "Dancing With The Stars," but that's it. Running will have to wait for now. I'll see how I feel by the weekend.

Tonight is the season finale of "Project Runway." The attraction to this show, for me, is the creative process. My mother was the daughter of the town seamstress, so I grew up with having to know how to sew something. My (dearly departed) mother was also very creative in her own right. She would have loved "Project Runway." It would have been one of those shows that we'd be rehashing the fashion disasters and designer's drama the next day. I'm on "pins and needles" (pun intended) waiting to find who wins at Bryant Park's Fashion Week. Will Jeffrey be disqualified? Will Uli have flowy dresses? Will Laura have more plunging necklines? Will Michael choose the best accessories for the complete look? What obscure word will Tim Gunn use next? Who will Heidi Klum say "aufwiedersehen" to?

Stay tuned...



FV Tom said...


BTO - I went to high school with Randy Bachman's cousin.

Evelyne said...

Get well soon, Irene!

Anne said...

So, Irene, are you happy with who won last night? He may not be the nicest, but I did think he had the best collection, with Uli a very close second. All four will come out winners from this.

Irene said...

Hi Tom!
Good to see you again! Winner!!!!

Thanks! I'm feeling better already. :)

Jefferey came through. While I was watching the show and saw everyone's collection, I thought Jefferey really pulled it together. I really liked Uli's collection and I agree with her second place finish. I was hoping to see more variety from Laura -- not just evening wear, and I was a big Michael fan but I also felt like he took a step backward with his collection. :) They'll all be fine, though, but it's a huge boost for Jeffrey.

shpprgrl said...

I see above that you're feeling better..that's great! Take care!

Irene said...

Thanks Shpprgrl!!!