Monday, October 09, 2006

One Way Or Another

11059 Irene - San Diego CA - 47 F - 2:19:16 - 2:24:17

The San Jose Inagural Half Marathon went well. Great weather and it started at 8 am and not some awful pre-dawn time... I kept my same pace and found myself passing peole I was pacing with towards the end. There were almost no hills, as the route was relatively flat, but there were a few road underpasses that seemed hill-like, but those weren't that bad. No pains. I was thrilled to arrive at the finish line to see the clock time UNDER my predicted finish time of 2:30, at 2:24:17, and even happier when I found out the chip time (actual time) at 2:19:16. I actually witnessed the elite runners when I was between mile 5 and 6. As we were just into the run going up, they were on the last part of their run, around miles 11 and 12. These people ran as if they were floating. When the leader (from Kenya) ran by us (in the opposite lane to the finish) runners on my side of the road were all cheering for him. Just incredible. He finished in slighly over an hour. DH finished in 2:50 -- which was exactly his predicted finish time, my brother finished in 1:45 -- also his predicted finish time, and our friend who ran the SDRNR marathon with us finished just behind me in 2:20 (I didn't know he was that close behind me!) This run was a PR for me. I beat my marathon half point split time and any of my training times. My 10K split was 1:05.

The rest of the day was followed by a celebration beer and a visit to a local winery for some wine tasting. Needless to say, I slept well.

Back at home. Back to reality. The hard core weight workouts begin next week.

I'll post pictures from the half marathon when I get the camera back from DH.



Anonymous said...

woo hoo!!! that's terrific, Irene!

chantal2bfit said...


KatieFeldmom said...

Very Cool!

NotSoccer Mom said...

wow! that's awesome. you must be so proud of yourself. i don't think i could ever do that.

shpprgrl said...

IT's Blondie right? I'm sure you run like you float too. (I don't, I run like I'm having some type of fit!)

It's good that you get to go back to the old job. Money can buy more running shoes! :)

Irene said...

Thanks! I had a good time!

You've gotta try it sometimes! Thanks!

Thanks again!

It felt great. Never say never. 6 years ago I could barely run a block. Thanks. :)

Winner!!!!! I actually saw Blondie in concert way back when that song was popular! I don't know about floating when I run, but at least I don't sound like a horse clopping... LOL... As for work - It's nice because they still like me enough to call me back :) I have a feeling I'll be there for a little while. It's all good, though. Just in time for the move AND the holidays. ;)

Evelyne said...

Congrats Irene! Nothing like beating your own time. I'm looking forward to the day when I can run too. I just hate it so much right now 'cause I get so out of breath and my legs hurt. I know though, that the more I practice the better I'll get at it. It's just that the practice time sucks. I'm so happy for you!

Anne said...

Yes, congratulations on such a wonderful time in San Jose. It's nice to hear of someone quite pleased with the finish clock for a change.

Pamela said...

WAY TO GO there Woman!! well done .. Nice to see all your hard work pay off so admirably! :D

Donna said...

Great job Irene! I so envy your running ability. I've been doing better lately but will never next match up to you. I'll just keep it up and see what happens.

Irene said...

It wasn't always easy, and there will always be bumps along the road, injuries, and set backs, but this is something I can do and I like it. Thanks for your support!

With the setbacks I've had while training for this .5m, the clock was a welcoming finish! I know I'll never be super speedy but I'm happy that I can participate. Thank you!

It was a very good day. BTW, I met a woman at the event who came down from Canada, I think BC, just for this run. Wanna join me? ;)

That's very kind of you to say. I am so far from being anywhere near some runners I see at these events, but I do okay for me, and it keeps me going. These events (for me) are like celebrations. Thanks for your support!

Dori said...

Congratulations, Irene! That's an incredible fast finish time. You're a Kenyan to me. :-)

Sorry to be so late with this comment. I actually read the post a while ago, and just realized I didn't comment--must have been reading "on the run".