Saturday, October 21, 2006

8 Days A Week

A recap of my week:

I was only able to work out one day this week, but I did get in plenty of walking. The cold I have is getting better but I have a very phlemgy cough, still... Ick. The sneezing SmileyCentral.comand feeling congested is pretty much over. I hope to get back with my running and weight training in the next couple of days.

Jeffrey won this season's Project Runway. I completely agreed with the judges decision. He did have the best collection. I also liked Uli's collection, as it was very wearable, but agreed with her second place finish. I love Laura's styling but I wanted to see more than just a collection of evening wear. I was a big Michael fan throughout the season of Project Runway, but his collection for Fashion Week was not up to what he had been creating previously. All of these designers will definetly have a big career in fashion, so they, really, all won. It's just that Jeffrey won the big prize.

SmileyCentral.comI enjoyed spa day out with the ladies from work on Friday. I had an 80 minute aroma therapy massage. Based on a questionare I filled out before my session, the massage therapist mixed a few essential oils together just for my massage. I had tangerine, spearment and lavender. The tangerine was the primary scent, spearment second, and then a slight touch of lavender. I enjoyed 80 minutes of total bliss. A couple of my coworkers also had the same kind of massage, plus facials and pedicures. The great thing about this day at the spa is that it was, basically, free. The office earns points by using certain vendors and lab services. They had enough points for 7 of us to enjoy a day at the spa.

The house is THIS CLOSE to being move in ready. I'm getting anxious. There are no window treatments (curtains, drapes, blinds, etc.) yet, but that's not a big issue. It's the floors that need to be completely finished. The tile is finished, but the dining room, living room and hall floors need to be sanded and polyurethained. I am looking forward to the holidays in the "New" old house.

Finally, the doctor's at work found a tech to fill the position. She has years of experience and will start in 3 weeks. I hope she works out for the office. When I left, they had a difficult time finding a replacement with experience. They even tried to train someone with no optical experience, but that didn't work. I hope this new hire will work out as they hope.

That's it!!!



Anonymous said...

Sorry you have the crud! I hope you're on the mend. Spa day sounds lovely. My former monster-in-law was an aromatherapist, along with a bunch of other things. Does it work? I have a couple of essential oils I use at home occasionally, but I've never noticed any mood difference.

You must be so excited to move into your new place. I'm glad you'll be in there in time for the holidays.

Miss Rachel said...

I'm glad you are feeling better too. :-)

KatieFeldmom said...

The Beatles. And now that song is stuck in my head.

Hope you are 100% soon.

This was my first season of watching Project Runway. I like Laura's evening gowns the best, but I understand why she didn't win. Uli did great with stepping out of her box. Jeffrey was not my favorite, but he did do the best variety of stuff which I guess is what they look for. Michael kind of disappointed me at the end...he was my favorite!!!

Pamela said...

tee hee on Katie.. Me too stuck hmmmming it now!!
Nice that you got to go for all that lovely spa stuff...& YAY on getting inot the new house for the holidays!! :D

Anonymous said...

your spa day sounds delightful! i found a place right next to our hotel in cabo that only charges $40 for an hour massage... i told my roommate i was thinking that i might need a massage every day at that price!

Irene said...

Sister Smile,
The crud is subsiding ever so slowly... At least my cough doesn't sound like a chain-smoker any more. The aromatherapy massage was rather soothing and it did help to open my congested sinuses, plus I smelled great afterwards. I am excited to move! The house... I was hoping to be moved in this summer but we'll be there soon! I've already started boxing and moving what I can.

Thanks! I'm glad it's almost over!

Winner!!! 8 Days A Week was a song that one of the bands was playing when I ran past them at the half marathon. It just sort of stuck! I am now a Project Runway junkie. I can't wait for next season!!!

I'm still stuck on the song, too! LOL... The spa was wonderful. They're talking about making it an anuual thing! As long as I keep getting invited then I'll always go!

$40 in Cabo? What a deal! I've heard (from others) that spa treatments in Mexico are usually a better deal. Everyone should have a spa day.