Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Work To Do

Half Marathon Training and PDB Challenge

I haven't technically been at "work" since last year, (even though I've worked my @$$ off with all of the house stuff.) I've been on call but I was thinking that I was no longer needed because the staff appeared to be stable. I received a call on Sunday afternoon to come in to work on Monday because they decided to let someone go. I was shocked. From what I've heard, the person they let go just didn't call ANYONE at the office to say she wouldn't be in the next day, or the ay after that , or even after that... I'm not doing any tech work, but I'm playing front desk person and doing all of the tedious chores that don't get finished when the office is short staffed. I don't mind because I know I won't be doing this type of stuff (mostly admin work which I usually cringe at) for the long haul. I think I've said before that my boss can be goofy and everyone gets along well. It feels good to be back, even if it is all of the grunge stuff. Shredding CAN be therapeutic... Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I completely missed my workout on Monday because I didn't sleep well Sunday night (DH tossed & turned all night) and I came home tired Monday night, ate dinner, watched a little TV and fell asleep.

Tuesday, after work, I managed a resistance bands workout, circuits, after work while watching "Dancing With The Stars". Later on I managed to get myself caught up with all the happenings on "Nip Tuck."

Wednesday (today) I'm not scheduled to work. This morning I did a 2.5 mile run in 24:52. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting It was nice and easy, even with the hills, and I sprinted the last two blocks. Tonight is date night with hubbie. I'm not sure where we're going yet or what I'll be eating... Technically, it's not a free meal day, so I may keep it really clean and leave out the alcohol until after the half marathon on Saturday.

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NotSoccer Mom said...

cool. my workout is going pretty well too. until i can buy some new shoes i've been taking it easy on the elliptical but that thing gives me a great workout! love it, love it! the shin splints (or whatever it is) are feeling better too.

leslie said...

Tower of Power??? (I'm tempted to use iTunes, but I'm not going to cheat!)

And if I don't "see" you beforehand, hope the 1/2 in San Jose on Sunday goes great!

Chérie said...

I like how creatively your song titles relate to your posts. At least, that's what I'm getting, but like anything, it could just be me making some wacky connections sometimes.

Great run time!

Irene said...

Glad to hear the shins are doing better! It makes the workouts go smoother, too. WTG!

Good guess, but no. The band name starts with an "A"... Thanks for the well wishes for Sunday!

I got the idea from Tom, but I've seen others use song titles for their blog posts as well. I try to use a song title that fits something in the post, so you're right.