Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Same old same old...

Not much happening in the way of fitness and change.Disappointed

Reality check:
I've maintained my same weight for over the past month. The good news is I haven't gained any weight, but the bad news is I haven't made any real fitness progress with muscle tone, weight, and performance. Some of this "maintaining" has to do with my arm and hip pain, and not giving a full out effort like I need. The other part of it is not eating clean when I should. Sure, my focus has been in other places, but I should have more control over my fitness goals. My fitness goal for this year is/was to marathon train without losing a ton of muscle tone like last year. I was also a good 10 pounds heavier AFTER last year's marathon...Runner

Things that went right:
*I did my 2.5 mile run around the neighborhood, sub 25 minutes! It has been a while since I've seen that! I couldn't find my stopwatch so I used the clock on my cell phone. I'm trying to get a little faster where I can, without killing myself.
*No pain.
*The new shoes are working great! Now, I need to find them on sale somewhere...

Things that need improvement:
*Find my stopwatch. I think I saw the little guy with it.
*Sift through a bazillion old photos and slides at the "new" old house. It will be interesting but tedious.
*Try out some different electrolyte options just to see what else is out there and if those will agree with my system.


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