Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Escrow finally closed Tuesday, late afternoon. Whew!

We've jumped through one hurdle, now we have to jump through the hurdle of brining the house up to code. I'm surprised my uncle didn't burn the house down with all the extension cords he had going through the house to run his many, MANY air filters. There's even marks on the wall where the outlets became too hot. Yikes. He didn't have a computer or several "newer" items that we now own, which probably saved the house from an electrical fire... I highly doubt the 1947 electrical system could handle a family with 2006 electrical gadgets like computers -- we each have our own, plus DVD players, a microwave oven, plasma screen TV, etc... I hope Michael and I are able to move in by the end of April, just so the house isn't empty too long...

On the fitness front...

20K Thursday
Last year, about this same time, I was having major knee issues. I was subjected to stabbing knee pain, even with low distance runs and walks. I was diagnosed with arthritis. I'm not sure what the difference is this year, perhaps knowing what the pain is, but I have yet to experience that stabbing pain this year, while running. I've added fish oil capsules in addition to the plethora of supps I take. I don't know if that's it or what, but I sure am happy!
Reality check...
I know I'm suppose to ease back into the long slow distance runs, just because that endurance needs to be built up to prevent injury, but I felt so good today that I could have run the whole marathon distance... I did go further than I should have... But I still feel good!

Things that went right:
*I did my LSD run at the lake today. 20K (about 12.8 miles) in 2:23ish. I'm not speedy but I kept an even pace the whole time.
*No knee pain, even after the run.
*The weather was perfect for a LSD run. high 50's to low 60's. It's supposed to rain by Friday...

Things that need improvement:
*Buy more Accelgels. I still have a case of Powergels from last year. I like the Accelgels for the latter part of the run.
*Buy a couple more pair of running socks... Mine suddenly went missing
Wednesday's Workout
It feels great to get the workout done! I even gave shoulders presses a whirl, and could actually muster a few reps. It has been a long while since I've been able to do that without wincing.

Reality Check:
I feel good!
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Things that went right:
*UBW - High reps, low weights, 5 sets... My biceps are toast, but it's a good thing.
*My hip is feeling less pain
*We have a nice break between storms. It's really pretty outside right now.

Things that need improvement:
*Plan out my long slow distance run for tomorrow... It's supposed to rain all weekend
*Find a replacement for the office manager at Michael's office. The prior one quit yesterday. She was the best... hated to see her quit. And, no, I won't work at Michael's office...



Angie said...

Congratulations on finally getting the house! You must post some pics after you guys get moved in.

As to knees, I have the same problem. Combined with some old injuries and arthritis, mine ache almost constantly. It really varies depending upon the weather. I'm making a mental note to look into those fish oil capsules. I'm not taking any other supplements but I'm willing to try just about anything at this point. Ibuprofen just isn't doin' it for me sometimes.

Give my regards to the family :)

Irene said...

If it's the fish oil capsules that did the trick, they took a LONG time to work.

Thanks on the congrats! I have plans to do before and after pictures of parts of the house. There's soooo much work to be done, and in stages and "parts."

Cathy said...


Congrats on FINALLY sorting out the house!!!! Ho Ho Ho. That has got to be a major relief.

I'm also so thrilled your knees are doing better.


Irene said...

Ho Ho Ho!!! You bet!!! I'm so relieved that it's almost scary!

I'm still cautious about the knees, though, going slower than I would like but, but no pain is a very good thing! :)