Wednesday, March 01, 2006


The rain has subsided today and it's gorgeous out right now. I've changed up my workout with the intent of increasing my running mileage.

Reality Check:
March 1st. I have a lot on my mind -- A lot of reflecting... Today is the 20th anniversary of my mother succumbing to colon cancer. She was only 57. I miss her terribly.

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Things that went right:
*LBW - Bowflex. I lowered the tension rods to 40# and increased the sets. I did 10 sets, 20 reps each of leg extensions and leg curls, squats with out weights and finished each set with 40 crunches. This probably doesn't sound all that heavy duty, but I was cranking these sets out and my heart rate was definitely going.

Things that need improvement:
*Pay bills...

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