Sunday, August 23, 2009

Like A Virgin

Activity: Run - Fire Run 4 Miler
Date: 08/23/09 08:38 AM
Distance: 4.05 miles
Time: 0:36:37
Speed:6.6 mph
Pace: 9' 02 min/mile
Calories: 391

(I did not turn off my gps right away. Had this been a chipped run my minute per mile average would have been in the eights)

Another run for the books!

I am THIS close to where I was before the whole hip/femur fracture debacle. I did this same run in 2005 (It used to be the Moondoggie's Race) and finished that 2005 race in 35:42, at a 8:55m/m pace.

Here's this year's results:

630 IRENE M 1029 50 9/47 F 36:22 9:06

I'll take it!

I wasn't going for guts and glory. I was running this particular event keep in sync with the whole race scene before it became a distant memory.

Many of my friends used this run as a recoup run from their AFC Half marathon last week. I don't have pictures, but I met up with AKA Alice and the Heffers, and met blogger Lisa of Discovering the Meaning of Stonehenge. Since I was wearing one of my SDTC tech t's, one of the guys in charge of membership for the track club came up to me and introduced himself and mentioned that he tries to meet as many track club members as possible. I can't remember his name, perhaps it was the couple of post run beers that made my memory a little fuzzy.

In addition, my friend Rich ran his very first run event ever. Yes, he WAS a race virgin. He runs, but had never run in an event before. Now he's asking about future 5ks. I knew he'd get hooked. I'm sure he'll eventually get his wife to at least go along for the ride to cheer him on if he decides to do more races. He finished soon after I did with a time of 36:45 - 9:12 pace.

Michael did not attend today's race because he's whooping it up in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico at a bachelor's party weekend... He returns later today.

I didn't bring my camera, and I didn't think to get pre run photos with AKA Alice or Lisa with my cell phone, but AKA Alice did get a picture of the three of us, so I hope she posts it soon. :) I did get a couple of cell phone shots at the PB Bar & Grill with our post run beers:

Rich feeling pretty good about his first time. Cheers!

Me feeling pretty good after the first beer and a breakfast burrito. Oh yeah, and feeling pretty good about my run, too.

This just in... While I was enjoying my beer, the Heffers and Lisa were chatting it up with the local news!

Yesterday's song:
Fire - Jimi Hendrix


Anonymous said...

yay! glad you are feeling good about your run. Sounds like you did great!

barbie2be said...

madonna of course!

your friend rich is a cutie! good on you for being almost back to pace.

Aka Alice said...

It was great seeing you this morning! What an awesome race you ran.

I haven't done my race report yet (I'm not as speedy as you are on that count either).

Congrats to Rich. Is he going to like being called a virgin? LOL.

Anne said...

Great job, Irene! That's an excellent pace. I'll have a beer in your honor too!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

great job! wooohooo!!

Meg Runs said...

You're back! That's so great that you have almost made it back to the pace you had before your injury, deserved the beer!!

Thanks for sending me the course looked like a neat run.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Madonna of course! :D

Jo Lynn said...

Wow, great time!

Breakfast burrito sounds marvelous. I could leave the beer though. ;)

Lisa said...

You did GREAT! Congratulations on a great finish.

It was wonderful meeting you (finally). It is so funny when you meet another blogger IRL, it is like you already know them.

I just ready your comment on my blog. I agree with you about the chip thing. I think it was Race for the Cure that gave you a choice-- if you wanted a posted time, you paid a few dollars extra. If you just wanted to walk, you didn't. They should do that.

congrats again to your friend, Rich. I bet you have him hooked!

Glenn Jones said...

So you didn't make the news? Bummer!

That is impressive that you've worked your way back from your injury. Was it a femoral neck stress fracture? I hear those are real serious and require a lot of time and patience to recover from. Congratulations to you for having the patience and perseverance to make it back! You deserve that carb beverage!

Southbay Girl said...

awesome job! I feel like I missed a very fun event! I love the free beer runs!!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Local News!! One of these days I am going to jump in front of a news camera at a BIg race :)

Good work! Love the beer pic..

FYI...being new to racing I am still learning about pacing and letting the "I need to pass this annoying person" go.. I will learn and then I will have WAY more fun. Man that guy was a pain in the KNEE :)

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

Looks like everyone had fun!

SDrunner said...

I should have done this race after running the AFC. Sounds like you had fun, great job on the run!

leslie said...

I'm so inspired by your pace and so happy that you're close to where you were b4 scary fracture. You give me hope, Irene!