Monday, August 10, 2009

Life Is Good

Last Tuesday's sunset

I'm not feeling much like writing/blogging at the moment, although I've been rather busy. I'm thinking I'll give a go at more photography and posting more pictures for the remainder of this month. I'm still running, still working out at RU, and I'm looking forward to when everyone is back in school and back with a set schedule. I can expect my personal schedule to become busier within the next month or so with work thrown back into the mix, but nothing is set in stone as of right now. Life is good, and I am surely blessed. Perhaps I can convey my thoughts better through photography for now.

Wednesday's song:
A Pain That I'm Used To - Depeche Mode



KatieFeldmom said...

Kenny Chesney
I always love your photos, so I do hope you post more of them.

Anne said...

Well you know I'm a big fan of photography. Looking forward to your shots. There's plenty of happiness to convey these days.

Meg Runs said...

I always enjoy photos too, very peaceful!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Whatever works for you!!

Southbay Girl said...

Pictures speak a thousand words!!!

Jo Lynn said...

Photography is fine. This IS your blog, ya know. :)
Don't worry about having to entertain us.

Miss Rachel said...

Gorgeous sunset. Keep the photos comin.' ;-)

Glenn Jones said...

Great sunset photo Irene. And thanks for your concern in your comment on my blog toda. I'm pretty sure my bag pain is just tired muscles. I'm going to do an easy run tonight and then take some Motrin.....

Aka Alice said...

Beautiful shot!

I hear you about the blogging thing. It's been difficult for me to write this summer also. I'm sure that once school starts and the schedules normalize, the blogging thing will be back to normal too....but I do love the photos!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

love that pic!

Irene said...

Thanks! I just needed to do something different. Winner! I kind of had a feeling you would get that one!

I'll be going through basic snap shots and more artsy stuff. I needed a change. Yes, there is PLENTY to be happy about.

I think once everyone is back in school and/or work it will be easier for me to find it easier to blog. Pictures sort of change it up.

Even though I enjoy photography, it forces me to take more pictures. I've been lagging.

Thanks! I will!

Which is why a professional massage would be pretty nice. :)

AKA Alice,
Perhaps I need a longer vacation!


Glenn Jones said...

Oh - Tyler broke his shoulder and took 20 stitches in the head. Rest ofthe tour was cancelled last night. Boo hoo!