Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Let The Children Play


Activity: Run

Date: 08/10/09 06:33 PM
Distance: 2.90 miles
Time: 0:30:15
Speed: 5.8 mph
Pace: 10' 25 min/mile
Calories: 277

In addition to working out at RU, I did a 30 minute easy run much later on at the bay after another Runner's World Magazine wear test running shoe distribution. I ended up with these:

I'll keep you posted on how I do with these. So far they're OK!


Activity: Run - Treadmill
Date: 08/11/09 12:00 PM
Distance: 3.11 miles
Time: 0:30:00
Speed: 6.2 mph
Pace: 9' 38 min/mile
Calories: 285

I did the interval workout B gave me. It was killer, and my calves still aren't recovered from last week's long run with the track club, so I had to do the last few sets of intervals a tad slower. The treadmill I ended up on was programmed to shut off at 30 minutes, and I needed to be on there for 34 minutes. Had I known this I could have planned better. Most of the treadmills aren't programmed like that. Oh well. Since this sort of threw off my rhythm, I just did a cool down for 5 minutes at a walking pace and called it a day.

Tuesday afternoon with a friend

"See, Alee?"
"Cars go really fast down the slide!"


"Can I come in?"



Yesterday's song:
Life Is Good - Kenny Chesney - Katiefeldmom



Meg Runs said...

Nice shoes, I like the colors! I loved the playing kids...so summery! Rest the sore calves!

cami said...

Love the kids pics -they sure seem to be having great fun! :)

Glenn Jones said...

Great photos Irene! Thanks for sharing them.

And I agree with Meg above. My Asics just come in boring white...

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Hope the shoes work out well for ya! :)

KatieFeldmom said...

Pretty new shoes!!!
Excellent photos!!!

Nitmos said...

My local running store handles the RW shoe reviews from MI. I got to get in on that. Enjoy!

Deene said...

nice looking shoes. we'll look forward to your reviews.

WADDLER26.2 said...

Photos are too cute !

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!!! They are just too cute!

Hope your calves feel better now.

Those sneaks are purty! Want me some of those. ;)

Irene, thank you so much for always checking up on me. It means so much to me.


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE!! Can't wait to hear how the shoes work out. I have never tried New Balance.

Irene said...

I'm lovin' the colors, too! The kids had a great time. I'm also resting the calves right now!

It was an impromptu play date. They had a great time.

Thanks. I'm glad they were blue this time. I've been ending up with a lot of pink. Too bad about your Aerosmith concert.

I had to put some high arch insoles in them and they seem to be better. :) So far they're doing OK!

It's about time I had a fun color!

Check out the program. Once you're in they notify you about each wear test.

I really like these!

They were having so much fun.

We need to stick together, you know?

Mel (Tall Mom),
Kids always make the best subjects!
I haven't worn NBs in YEARS. I'm glad to try something different.