Friday, August 14, 2009


I went outside with my camera for this:

and ended up with these:

Lumpy doing what he does best... Hiding out where he thinks is a safe place away from kids and dogs.

Busted by Logan. Logan was poking at Lumpy with her paw, kind of making sure Lumpy was OK...

Logan is still making sure the situation is OK. Lumpy, in true Lumpy fashion, is meowing in protest but refusing to move.


...and more hovering.

In running news:
I did a 5 mile tempo run on the gym treadmill yesterday. I haven't really managed a real tempo run in ages, even though I've made a few sad attempts. I managed to ease into 8:40 to 8:50 pace, and then in the low 9s. Since I was at the gym, I had to break up the run in a three miler and a two miler, just so the treadmill wouldn't shut off on me. It was that second round where my average pace was more in the mid 9s. It was OK, and I realize I have my work cut out for me if I want to become faster. DOMS will be a part of my vocabulary during this rebuilding phase. I. AM. SORE.

I'll be volunteering at aid station #1 for the AFC Half Marathon on Sunday. I'll try and wave to you as you speed by, provided you are running. There's a bunch of you! That's probably the aid station that most people will run past because they're still feeling fresh... maybe.

Tuesday's song:
Let The Children Play - Santana



Lisa said...

That first picture is a great pic, but yikes.

Hopefully I'll see you at the first aid station, but you're right, I will probably not be stopping. I'll be wearing a burgandy Stroller Strides tank (along with about six others who will be coming not far behind me), a black running skirt and a pink visor.

Great job on the tempo run!!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

The cat and dog photos are cute!!

Good job on your tempo run ... on the treadmill ... wow

volunteers rock!!!!

Meg Runs said...

Lovely spider!

I won't be running AFC but that is so cool of you to volunteer. Yeah SDTC!
Happy Weekend,

Pink Granite said...

I love the photos of Lumpy and Logan!
Just what I needed - thanks!
- Lee

Anne said...

I volunteered yesterday at the expo. I was nicely surprised at how many women want to join the track club to get faster, not just to run long. They all said they are tired of being beat in races by the SDTC masters team!

Have fun volunteering tomorrow morning. I'll be heading home from the midnight madness ride just as you're heading in.

cami said...

I think Logan wants to adopt Lumpy -how cute!!!

Miss Rachel said...

First I thought, ooh an artsy photo, and then I thought oh so cute. Love those cats and dogs!

Thanks for the encouragement about my running.

WADDLER26.2 said...

Cute photos. Adorable animals.

Aka Alice said...

You know I'll stop. I stop at every water station. It's a rule of mine!

See ya in la manana sweetie (can you tell I'm getting a little giddy here?)

Jo Lynn said...

Logan didn't get whacked? Oooh, Boomer would have, by either of my cats. LOL
That spider is beautiful and gross at the same time. I do not like spiders. Not at all.

Deene said...

Is that a spider? you're brave to get close enough - they are all enormous and scary!