Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Orange Crush

I've been sans-internet for a couple of days. My very handy husband accidentally drilled through the internet wiring while working on something else. Our electrician came by last night and re-wired what he could, so now I do have internet access, but it's slow. The electrician will return sometimes this week to get everything back to normal.

This past weekend was spent working on tending to several of the fruit trees in our yard, such as pruning, fertilizing, organic spraying, watering, and so on. One orange tree needed to have the ripe fruit taken off before we sprayed. The outsides of the oranges weren't that pretty but the insides were a deep orange, juicy, and perfect for juice. The activity of juicing was not lost on my grandson. He had a blast. I wish I could have snapped a photo, but I had my hands in the juicing process as well. We made about 5 quarts of juice, and there's still a whole large bowl-full of oranges waiting to be juiced. Oh, and by the way, the juice was SWEET! I love fresh juice. The only problem is figuring out what to do with the plethora of oranges we're going to have with in the next month or two, AND avocados.

I haven't run since my run in the wind last Friday. I plan to fit in a couple of small runs this week, plus the usual low weights/high reps workouts. I'm also winding down in regards to the Nike Women's Half Marathon. I should be in taper mode right now but I want to fit in at least one more long run of at least 10 miles.



NotSoccer Mom said...

i'll take some of those avocados off your hands! yumm...

smartypantz32 said...


I'll second that any avocados or oranges you feel like sending to TX just let me know!!!!!!!

barbie2be said...

heheheh, smartypantz. i was gonna say she could send the oranges and avo's to me. :)

Anne said...

Those oranges look so lush! Now I'm craving them.

Miss Rachel said...

How thrilling to have an orange tree in your yard! That is cool. :-)

chantal2bfit said...

Yummy fruits!

Man, you're going to kick a$$ in your upcoming half marathon! You're in a better shape than me. I've only gotten in a 6-miler and 2 10-milers for my long runs. :(

WADDLER26.2 said...

You are ready to rock the course. Sounds like a great plan.

Anonymous said...

Those oranges do look tasty! Wish I had an orange tree. Mmmmmm LOVE avocados too.

Glad that wind didn't blow you away on your run the other day!

Irene said...

Please feel free to come on down and take as many as you want!

Too bad I can't really do that! WINNER!

Like I told NSM, anytime...

They were/are! I'm sure I'll have some for you by the next time I see you. :)

There's 2 huge trees...

Thanks for the encouragement!

Thanks so much! This is the first race I've been excited for in a while!

I wish I could send some fruit your way! It hasn't been that windy since I did that long run last week. Been thinking about you!