Monday, September 17, 2007

A Change Would Do You Good

Upper body workout - Circuits on Bowflex, 6 sets 16 reps each - Lat pull downs, incline chest presses & flys, bicep curls curls, bench dips, abs to failure on The Bean, about 250+.

It took some time, but I think most of the links on the sidebar are functional. I had to go back and enter everything individually, instead going into editing the html codes then cutting and pasting the entire block of sidebar stuff, like I did with past templates. I might still play around with the headder picture a bit, just to get an image or picture that seems more "me." I do actually have that variety of purple flowers on my side yard, but they're not in bloom right now. I didn't take that picture.

I have begun another challenge on

Fitness - My running times have gotten progressively slower. My best 5k time was something like 25:48 and it was easy. My last 5k was 28:15, and it was hard. I want my running to feel "easy" again with faster shorter distance times, which will, in turn, improve my longer distance times. In order to improve my running, I need to improve my total body fitness. Upper body is lacking and I'm not as limber as I once was. Weight - As of today, my weight is 126, which is not bad, but to improve my perfomrance I do need to be a little lighter. For this challenge I'd like to get down to around 121/118 with muscle.

My head - I really used to feel a great sense of accomplishment from working out and running. I don't anymore. They both suck. I want to feel excited about fitness again. I workout and run because I need to, but the effort and willingness to exceed my last workout and/or run just isn't there. There's no spark. I want that spark back.

Game Plan:
Actively search for a running group. I have 2 5k runs and 2 half marathons before the end of the year, and I'm already signed up for the 2008 SDRNR Marathon. If I'm planning to continue of all that running, I need to be in a group that meets weekly and be with people who run at my pace. (My 2007 goal was to run in at least one event every month this year.) As far as weight workouts, I need to get my butt to the gym. Working out at home is fine, but there is something to be said for motivation when working out at the gym. Seeing other people actually working out is motivating (for me). For weights, I'll be doing fast paced circuit training, moderate weights, high reps. Holiday parties have never been a problem. I just use them as my "free" meal for the week and limit my alcohol to one drink, or no alcohol.

Weak spots - Right now, it's motivation. There is none. As stated before, getting with a running group might help with that, plus some actual gym workouts. Just going through the motions of everything (because I need to) is getting old.

I did well with last year's challenge, so I'm hoping I can do the same this year, and have more visual results.



barbie2be said...

sheryl crow!

if you moved up here to san jose, you could join my group and train with JG too! :)

Pamela said...

just popping in .. looking for some different motivation right now myself..

chantal2bfit said...

Even at your slowest, you're still way faster than me. :)

Good luck with meeting your goals! You seem to have a solid game plan. Motivation is the hardest for me as well.

2 more half marathons! You go girl!!!!

KatieFeldmom said...

I'm lacking in motivation too. Fingers crossed that we both find some soon.

Irene said...

Too bad SJ isn't closer! I'd love to train with you!

Good to see you back!

Well, by the looks of your half marathon stats, I'd say I'm the one who has some catching up to do!

Maybe we can work on motivatin together??? I just wanna feel excited about the whole workout/running thing, you know what I mean?

Dori said...

I hope you're able to find a running group. Or even just a running buddy. I was reading an interview with Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, and she runs with her personal trainer. She says she likes the company. Oh to be rich and be able to hire someone to run with you. :-)

Irene said...

I have a couple of options for running groups. One is with the San Diego Track Club and the other is through a group called "Vavi" that kind of serves as an on line meeting place for people who want to participate in some sort of activity, such as a team sport or training group. I wish I could hire someone to run and workout with me!