Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lose Yourself

"Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted - One moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?"

It has been a busy past few days! I've been keeping with my PDB challenge most of the time, sticking to workouts and running, and sorta good on the nutrition. We did celebrate my son's 20th birthday on Saturday, so that's my excuse... As always, there's house stuff and unexpected social engagements, like free tickets to see Led Zepagain at the House of Blues. I was planning to give the tickets to my son, but the venue was for age 21+, and he's not there yet...

Yes, Saturday (my son) *my baby* turned 20. Instead of taking him out to dinner, we took him out for breakfast at "The Original Pancake House," not to be confused with IHOP. Sometimes breakfast turns out to be the better meal for us, as a family, instead of dinner. Breakfast is my personal favorite meal, hands down. It was funny watching my grandson eat, because he loves blueberry pancakes. He practically inhaled his meal, then set back in his chair like an old man. My son enjoyed his enormous breakfast, then we took him to a guitar store for am electric bass guitar for his birthday. It's hard to surprise him anymore, so we just took him to get the bass guitar, since we have no clue about electric bass guitars... It was fun to be in the presence of so many cool guitars and instruments. They even had a very cool, girly, pink Hello Kitty electric guitar, and it wasn't a kiddie guitar, it was a real one. Every time I go into that store I get the twinge to dig my guitar out and attempt to play again. I really should put guitar playing back on my "to do" list. WELL... my son ended up with a red Fender Squire electric bass guitar. The price was good, too.

It has been no secret that I've been dealing with (lack of) motivation lately. My husband has suggested that this "funk" cold be more than just in my head, but something physical. I've had more frequent breathing issues (I am asthmatic) and extreme thirst when I workout and run, and I've been fatiguing much quicker than normal. Perhaps he is right and I should get checked out. Like many of us, I intensely dislike seeing the doctor, only because of our insurance plan, and I see what ever doctor has an availability, not MY doctor. I only see MY doctor if things get serious. Too bad my chiropractor isn't the end all, since I see him at least twice a month... I have to set up an appointment to be seen by a regular doctor for this week.

Because I've been thinking a lot about motivation these days, and trying to think positive thoughts, I've also been trying out some new songs on my Ipod running songs play list. I'm looking for songs that inspire, give me a kick in the ass, have a good beat for running, motivate, and so on. If anybody has some good songs that get you going or really pumped up, I'd be open to suggestions.

"...So here I go it's my shot.
Feet fail me not cuz maybe the only opportunity that I got.

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment
You own it, you better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime.

You can do anything you set your mind to, man."



Miss Rachel said...

Hello Kitty ROCKS, evidently in more ways than one. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Anne said...

That Eminem song is one of my favorite to run to. I went through a similar "funk" and I think it was a vitamin deficiency because once I started taking a multivitamin, it went away. Part of it might be allergies too. You're never too old to get them.

Sounds like your son had a wonderful family birthday -- I bet your grandson can't wait for the next one to load up on pancakes.

Pamela said...

Hope you figure out what's goin on sweetie :) LOVE that Eminem song...It is Such a HUGE energy rush!

barbie2be said...

you have an original pancake house there? we have that up here too.

i love the pink guitar, even if it is hello kitty (which i dispise!).

NotSoccer Mom said...

glad to hear you WILL make that dr appt. that combo of symptoms doesn't sound good to me, esp the extreme thirst, for some reason. good luck!

havlow said...

There was a girl here in a punk band that had a pink hello kitty drum kit. Oh man it was great!

Irene said...

They also had a black Hello Kitty guitar, that has a more intimidating Kitty on it. :) Thanks for the well wishes.

Winner! I hadn't heard that song in ages and just added it to my playlist. This dip in my energy and state of mind could be all sorts of things. I hope it's as simple as needing different sups.

Me too! This is really draining!

We love the Original Pancake House! One of my favs is the German Pancake or the Dutch Baby. MMMMMMMM!!!!! Hello Kitty brings back memories of when my daughter was 3... I thought it was funny to see a Hello Kitty electric guitar. ;)

It could be a zillion things... I'm thinking back in my family health history to see if anything clicks with the symptoms.

Hello Kitty is everywhere!