Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Doctor! Doctor!

Activity: Run
Date: 09/24/07 11:03 AM
Distance: 10.09 miles
Time: 1:46:54
Speed: 5.7 mph
Pace: 10' 36 min/mile
Calories: 964

I had a pretty decent run yesterday. I borrowed DH's dinky Ipod Shuffle clip, you know, the one the size of a media card, and went. It did help to have some tunes to run with for a change. I usually don't run with tunes when I run outdoors. It was not as busy on the bay path as it normally is, so I didn't have to worry about listening for bicycle riders and large groups, but I did have the volume low enough so I could hear other sounds around me. I did much better on my run than I had anticipated.

No workout today, doctors orders!!!!

I went in to to a primary physician today. They actually assigned me to someone with a good personality, who knew about working out, running, etc. He went over a list of things I could be suffering from:

1) Lack of or little sleep

2) Thyroid issues

3) Deficiencies in my diet

4) Stress

5) Not enough exercise or athletic burn out

6) Depression

Based on our conversation, he didn't seem to think depression was a factor. He discussed that a lot of athletes do suffer from burn out at some point, and maybe this is my body telling me to slow down for a bit. He asked about my workout and running schedule. He did want me to take 2 off days between running and/or working out, and really rest. My blood pressure and heart rate were in the fabulous range. He wanted me to up my protein ratio, just to make sure I am rebuiding muscle properly. Then I was sent to the lab for blood work. Now it's just a matter of waiting. Oh, and weight on the scale there was 126... No change...

One more thing to ponder:
Why is it that the minute you are finished either super vacuuming, or have mopped the floor so clean you can eat off of it, that the dog decides to dig up her "treasures" (bones, toys, sticks, etc.) and bring them in all dirty and dusty, then plop them on the clean floor????



Miss Rachel said...

Aww... she's so cute, how could you get mad at her?!

Enjoy your rest. I hope it does the trick.

(The song: Thompson Twins?)

WADDLER26.2 said...

Enjoy some rest. Maybe some cross-training of something totally different might pick you up.

Godd luck and take care.

PS- Does your dog know mine-they have the same trick?

Anne said...

I remember doing a newspaper article on the Thompson Twins and then getting to see them in concert. Follow doctor's orders, Irene.

Cathy said...

Glad you got in to see a doctor who seemed reasonable. Hope all turns out OK for you.
Hope you start feeling better soon.

Pat said...

I've never heard of the Thompson Twins. I was going to guess Jackson Browne.

But I have heard Doctor Doctor. Give me the news. I got a bad case of lovin' you.

Heck, I'll google it.

Hope you feel better. Rest is an important part of any exercise.

Pat said...

ok. i googled and got a different answer. i guess i'm just older than your other readers.

Irene said...

Winner! I can't be mad at her for very long. She just wants to share her seasoned treasures with me... LOL.

He said no crosstraining either! Ugh! He wants me to have a full 2 days off, which means being more dilligent with my eating on those days. The doggie thing, I think it's a conspiracy! Hehee!

Groups like the Thompson Twins seem like they were from a lifetime ago... well, in a way they were! The college life! Thanks, and I'm trying...

Thanks. I guess it was the luck of the draw. I've been assigned doctors who had no personality and rarely spoke. I hope things are turning around, too.

One of these days you'll say Jackson Browne and the answer will be right! LOL... My husband went to college a little later on than most of his peers, so The Thompson Twins were during that time, around the early to mid 1980's, and BTW, we're just slightly older than you. ;)