Friday, September 14, 2007

The New Workout Plan

Guess what? We never went away on part 2 of our intended break. There were projects due and client meetings for my husband. I did work on some projects at home, like delegating where all the junk, I mean treasures, from the other garage at the bottom of the yard go. My son took it upon himself to clean out that garage, only because he wanted a space for him and the "band" to practice. I must explain "band." So far, it's a group of 4 guys with guitars. No drummer or percussionist , no bassist, at least not that I heard. One guy does sing, though. I guess this is an emerging band. No band name yet. I'm not even sure how my son met these other guys... So far, it's all about the music, and I haven't had the chance to place some ground rules yet, but that's next, I suppose. I need to have a chat with my son to make sure everything is on the up and up.

Today ends my month long "You Are What You Eat" Challenge. My goal was to track my food intake through Fitday and lose 5 pounds of fat. I lost 2 pounds, and there's some muscle gain, but I didn't measure that when I started this challenge - dumb, I know. I'm not all that tall, so, for me, a 5 pound weight loss of fat is the difference between fitting into my clothes and not. For some weird reason, I don't do well with weight loss over the summer months. I do much better during the fall and winter months, perhaps the cooler weather makes it more comfortable for me to work out ~ I don't know for sure. Since weight is really not an issue, 5 pounds doesn't seem like much weight to shed, but since that's all I have to lose, it's not as easy as it sounds, especially if I want to be healthy about it. If I didn't eat for a few days I'm sure 5 pounds would be gone, but so would muscle, my energy, and my sanity... It's these smaller "challenges" that help me to keep my weight down, and to keep from gaining back the initial 30 pounds I lost about 7 1/2 years ago. Next on the workout to do list is another PDB challenge that goes from September 17, 2007 through December 31, 2007.

No workout or running today, but I need to fit in a long slow distance run this weekend, at least 7 miles.


barbie2be said...

kanye west? really?

i am really hoping that my training schedule will help with the weight. tomorrow i have to do 3 miles according to the schedule.

i am figuring if i can keep my miles under 13 minutes i'll finsh the marathon in rome in just under 7 hours. :)

i'm currently doing a 14 minute mile so i don't need to pick it up too much. sounds good to me.

Anne said...

Hey, what happened to your template?!

I think it's great that you lost what you did in the challenge. You're right -- you don't have that many pounds of fat to spare. Now me, on the other hand,.... :-)

Irene said...

I think you'll be great! I'm really excited for you! Oh, and Winner!!!

I don't know what happened to my template on Internet Explorer, but it does show up on my Mozilla Firefox accountm just not all of the artwork on the headder that I like... I may need to go back to my old template. :( Thanks for the compliment. I'm kind of stuck between wanting to have a more fit and muscular physique and really enjoying what and how I eat... Eating always wins out. BTW, you look pretty fit to me.