Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In Bloom

Yesterday's Song:
Life is Beautiful - Vega4


Bauhinia Tree


Jo Lynn said...

Yup, I just love it. ;)

Lisa said...

Very nice :-)

misszippy said...

Just found your blog...I'm guessing since you're using a bone stimulator its a stress fracture? I had one years ago and we didn't have bone stimulators as an option. How much help do you think it is doing? Best wishes for speedy healing. And my goodness, that bug would send me running for the hills!

Meg said...

You'll be in Boston someday, Irene. I just know it. I love the blossoms!

Anonymous said...

Gardening! Sometimes I miss it. But it IS back breaking work! But the end results are AMAZING!

Weird looking bug!

Beautiful flower!!!

Hope you feel better and heal fast!

Black Knight said...


Irene said...

It's one of my favorite trees in our yard.