Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The World Ain't Slowin' Down

In case you haven't heard, we had a rockin' 'n' rollin' Easter. We were at my SIL's house for Easter Sunday dinner and just sitting around in a food coma, eating dessert when it felt like a big truck drove by the house. The house rattled, then we felt the floor, but it didn't stop, it just kept going. My SIL yelled for everyone to get out of the house, and I grabbed the kid and we stood under a doorway - no time to get out of the house. There was nothing out of place and no damage when the shaking was done, but only rattled nerves. No damage at my house, either, just a bunch of text and phone messages from out-of-state relatives making sure we were OK. A 7.2 magnitude earthquake is major, and it's amazing that the damages and injuries around the epicenter wasn't worse.

I'm still nursing the foot. One thing, though, when I had the first x-ray, it showed some hairline fractures in my pinky toe and the toe next to it. Those fractures are gone in the x-ray I posted last week. It's that middle part of my foot that's going to take some time. I've been using the bone stimulator faithfully, 20 minutes a day, every day. I hope it works as it says it will.

I hope this thing does help heal me 38% faster. At least my toenails look good. Hey, I have toenails! *

The added arch insert to the boot has helped some, but my ankle still isn't liking the boot. My ability to fall asleep is sort of messed up, even with the Darvocet. It takes me a good two hours to fall asleep, mostly because I feel my foot more at the end of the day, even after icing it.

The Carlsbad 5000 is this Sunday. I won't be able to even walk it, but it's just a 5k. Hubs and a friend are signed up for it, so I'll be going, anyway. Since I already paid for it I'm going to go pick up the swag and t-shirt. One of the PTs from RU might run for me, but that's if she decides to do so.

I've also signed up for the Nike Women's Half Marathon DRAWING. I signed up with AKA Alice and her group, so I HOPE I GET IN. I ran it in 2007 and have been trying to get back in since. If I don't get in I'll be looking at the San Jose Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon.

Speaking of races, the 2010 San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon and Half Marathon have sold out. This is the first time ever that it has sold out, and I think adding the half marathon option boosted interest. I might not have a choice of switching to the half marathon. If that's the case, I'll plan on walk/running the marathon and toss the time goal out of the window, THEN look for a fall marathon to train for. I'm still wanting to get under 5 hours - and I'm so freekin' close to smashing that time goal. I get my foot smashed at Costco by a lady with a full shopping cart instead.** Stupid injuries. *sigh*

Once again, we're getting down to the wire with taxes. If certain things were different, we'd have them done already, but I won't go there right now. At least we have time to look for extra write-offs and deductions.

Finally, Easter weekend was a big one for the kid. Not only did the Easter Bunny visit, but the tooth fairy visited for the first time, too.

Saturday's Song:
That's the Breaks - George Strait - Running Circles Around Turtles


*Last year I lost both my big toenails after a 16 mile run in April. They took about 10 months to grow back and another couple of months to finally look OK.

**Not only the lady with the cart, but add in the shoes I was wearing and running soon after that -- And Bryan thinks there's other bio-mechanical factors as well. It's never simple.


E-Speed said...

Hope the treatments have you healed in plenty of time to get ready for all your races!

Pat said...

glad you survived the quake. It was felt here in Phoenix, but not by me. I remember feeling one a few years back in the middle of the night.

Rest that foot and here's hoppin you are running soon.

Meg said...

Ugh, we're late birds with our taxes too and it drives me crazy. I do not have to be in control, I do not have to be in control, I do not......you get it, right?
Too bad about RnR, BS and I are following in your footsteps and Anne's too and we're volunteering for the runners on Sat. You have all inspired us...should be fun to give them water and cheer, can't wait!!

Anne said...

That contraption looks...interesting. I hope it continues to work its wonders. And I hope you get into the Nike Half this year. Just stay away from Costco if you do!

Lisa said...

new idea. if you don't get in and if my son goes to berkeley, maybe *I* can run the san jose rock-n-roll too...

Pink Granite said...

Hi -
My husband Chuck injured his big toenail after a long, tough hike. It bruised terribly and took about a year to grow out and look normal again. We can only imagine what you went through losing both nails.

Hope the gizmo works wonders!
- Lee