Friday, April 16, 2010

Life in Technicolor

This Week's Recap:

1. Taxes - Done, and with several hours to spare! Woohoo! Paid some to Federal, getting some back from State.

2. Healing - Still in progress. 4 more weeks, I hope. Still using the bone stimulator.

3. Doctor's/orthopedics visits and Rehab United - Back to both in two weeks.

4. Marathon - Switched to the half. See #2.

5. House - Clean. I had someone else clean it.

6. Work outs - A lot of upper body bands stuff, push-ups, abs work, plus some squat matrices within reason.

7. Nutrition - Back to tracking. Trying to stay with in 1500 calories per day so I don't turn into an Oompa Loompa due to the lack of running. Will fine tune the macros later. Calories first.

8. Sugar Free Jello - A lifesaver.

9. Muscle Milk - No longer works for me. I broke out immediately, even though it's lactose free. *sigh* Back to square one and soy protein.

10. Daytime TV - Still sucks.

11. Dreams - Been having some weird ones. I had a dream I was a shopping at Macy's in Chicago, went to the top floor, but could only get to the first floor by getting on a water slide. In another dream my PT Bryan carried me across a football field while I was sitting in a Igloo ice chest. The crazy thing is that I've stopped taking pain meds 2 weeks ago, so I can't use the drug excuse. Analyze if you wish, but on the surface it seems I have travel issues, but how in the heck did I end up in an Igloo ice chest?

Yeah, I look *just* like this when I sleep. *cough*

12. Lentil stew with brown rice and warm, crusty bread - It's what's for dinner.

Wednesday's Song:
Winner - Justin Timberlake



Aka Alice said...

Were you and Walter in the same line at the Post Office with the 1090? LOL.

I'm glad you decided to switch to the 1/2. No reason to hurt yourself further. You'll have plenty of time to get ready for it.

#5 is also true for me today :-)

Have a great weekend!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Good choice to switch to the half, cheers to continued healing!! have a great weekend!

Glenn Jones said...

Ugh. It's 5:30 AM. That means I missed dinner! Sounds yummy! I love lentils!

Happy to hear that healing is progressing....

I Run for Fun said...

Hope the healing happens real soon!

Ah! Dinner sounds yummy.

LOL on your dreams...I have had some weird ones too. Lemme try to analyze you watch soaps on daytime TV?

Joyce said...

Isn't that lentil stew recipe one of the handiest ever? ;) And so much healthier than my supper of choice tonight: red wine and coconut milk ice cream, LOL.

Black Knight said...

Healing: magic word.
Taxes: horrible word.
Have a good Sunday.

Pink Granite said...

Your persistence and determination impresses the heck out of me!
Here's to steady healing!
- Lee

Stacey said...

Rest up those legs! Dinner sounds yummy :-)