Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life is Beautiful

Since I'm busy not running, I've been doing a lot of gardening. I did manage to start some vegetable seeds, plant some flowers, pull TONS of weeds, and turn over the soil. It's the turning over the soil part that's giving me the best workout, but it's a lot of work. I just strap on the "Frankenstein" boot** and go. I have a huge backyard and I feel like I've barely put a dent in things. Gardening is not a weekend project in my yard. It's probably about a 4 month project, especially since things went by the wayside. I've also become acquainted with a few bugs I've never seen before, like this one:

I've lived in Southern California forever and haven't seen these bugs until recently. I shot that picture and posted it on Facebook just to find out what it was. I tried looking for it on the internet, but there are only a zillion bugs in the world, maybe more. My FB friends gave me the info.*

Last Saturday, Evan came up with this outfit, and I felt it was worth a picture, but he would only have his picture taken if he could show off the marble he found in his room:

Yes, he has a unique sense of fashion...

Here's the marble, which is now lost inside his Great Grandma's piano.

I've also been faithfully tracking calories, which is helping to prevent weight gain. This week I'm working on getting in more protein, which is tough since I had relied on ready to drink protein shakes. I didn't have to think about it, they were ready to go, no blenders or mess. The last one I used was Muscle Milk, which is lactose free, but for some weird reason my system no longer likes it. I'm itchy right after drinking a serving. I'll probably go back to soy protein, but it would be even better if I could find a decent one that tastes good, is an RTD, and cheap. I'm trying to keep foods as natural as possible, but sometimes an RTD is good to have on hand in a pinch. Suggestions are welcome!

Friday's Song:

Life in Technicolor - Coldplay


** AKA: The ginormous overkill boot they gave me in orthopedics. I might as well use it for something!
*Justifying that Facebook is not a total time suck.


Lisa said...

This year I have taken on the task of a vegetable garden. I think I'm over my head!! Haven't had to do research on bugs yet, but I'm sure I'll have my share of interesting experiences coming. It's fun gardening, huh?

Robin said...

Love the pics of BOTH your critters: the striped one AND tie-dyed one! :)

Hang in there w/ the boot. Sending you healthy vibes from Orlando!

Jo Lynn said...

Ooooh, he found a cat eye! I don't like bugs. Blah! ;)

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

I like his unique sense of fashion! I will send you some stink bugs from my office if you want more bugs! My office building has plenty to share! UGH!

Glenn Jones said...

Ugh! Potato bugs! e had them all over in Whittier/Pico Rivera where I grew up. When I was a kid I was scared to death of them. They looked like something that you would see on the Outer Limits!

Ummm. I hope he doesn't bring the rest of his marble bag. Do kids still do marbles these days?

Joyce said...

The potato bug picture is cool, in a freaky way, LOL.

Are you allergic to lactose? I dunno if you would be OK on Athlete's Milk. It's a dairy-based RTD product, but it's lactose-free. I'm ordering a case of it when I get to Kansas in a few months.

katiefeldmom said...

Love Evan's outfit especially the socks. LOL that the marble is now lost in the piano.

Thanks for the info on Muscle Milk. I decided over vacation that I am now lactose intolerant so I need to find a RTD that is lactose free. You did the research for me!

Deene said...

those bugs with the visible face creep me out! i've heard them called sand babies too.
my dietician recommends Greek yogurt for getting extra protien.