Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hot In The City

Activity: Run
Date: 08/12/07 08:36 AM
Distance: 7.29 miles
Time: 1:17:44
Speed: 5.6 mph
Pace: 10' 39 min/mile
Calories: 686

I had intended to run about 10 or 11 miles on Sunday but both hubbie and I were both tired from the day before. 7.29 miles for me and about 5.5 miles for him. It was a bit hot and humid. I think I'm fighting off a flu bug because I ached after that run. I'm usually feeling pretty good after I run. I was also really SLOW.

Monday officially began the 4 week "You Are What You Eat Challenge." I started the day off okay with oatmeal and soy protein, but my salad in the home fridge disappeared, so I had to opt for the small burrito and green iced tea at the gas station quickie mart across the street from the office ... Not great but not not as bad as it could have been. I did stay out of the vat of peanut M&M's my boss has in her office and drank plenty of water. Dinner was shredded beef with salsa fresca. Later on some sugar free Popsicles. I haven't figured out my caloric intake on Fitday yet but I know it's probably not where I need it to be... Too high in carbs and fat. The burrito threw everything off. I need more fruit and veggies. It's grocery shopping tomorrow for fresh produce and a few other things for pre-made lunch, and a new Sharpie marker so I can put my name on all of MY stuff in the fridge.

No workout or running on Monday because I did that run on Sunday. I have my half marathon THIS Sunday, 8/19/07, so it's either light workouts or easy running. Besides, work just about wiped me out on Monday. Busy was an understatement.

I wasn't planning to run today but my friend called yesterday and wants to fit in a run today in the afternoon. I don't know if that's going to work out because it's predicted to be HOT today. We'll see what happens.

Today, so far, food is on spot, but I've only had breakfast, which was oatmeal and a scoop of soy protein mixed in and coffee. Last night, my hubbie picked up a bag of brown rice, a package of chicken breasts and carrots last night, so at least dinner is a sure thing tonight. I still need to head out to the grocery store for more fresh foods.

"The Bean" arrived yesterday but I didn't have the chance to fumble around with it until today. Like anything else, it's not going to work if you don't use it properly. The exercises are just about the same as what you would do on a stability ball, but without the lack of instability. I did like doing their advanced version of the push-ups, though. Basically, "The Bean" is a useful tool for the terminally uncoordinated, or people who have balance issues. What I need to do is a side by side comparison workout with "The Bean" and my stability ball. I must say, though, it would be easy to fall asleep on "The Bean", whereas you can't really fall asleep on a stability ball...

Sunday is the America's Finest City Half Marathon. The weather here has changed to somewhat more hot and humid than normal, but that could change. I'm hoping the weather will be mild for the event. I'm not expecting to PR at this event. I would just like to finish with a decent time, somewhere between 2:20 and 2:30. My PR for a half marathon event is 2:19, but my half marathon split at this year's SDRNR marathon event was 2:18. I'm still feeling kind of sluggish, though, which is why I'm not looking to PR. I made an appointment to see my chiropractor tomorrow, who I haven't seen in over a month (due to my sporadic work schedule) - and I always look forward to this appointment, and perhaps set up an appointment with my GP next week, just to have all of my bases covered.

Other stuff...
I took a set of "before" pictures for the PDB "You Are What You Eat Challenge." The photos aren't as bad as I thought they would be, but they show what I need to work on, which is my mid section. I've noticed there's not a whole lot of difference between some of my other before and after pictures, and the changes are usually subtle, BUT it's those subtle changes make all the difference between fitting in most of my clothes and not. I really don't have that much weight to shed, it's more about toning up and making better food choices. I posted the photos over at Muscletank.net as well if you want to take a peek.


RedDraggin said...

Irene - just a quick hello! Thought I'd check up on you to see how you're doing...didn't read much yet on your blog but I see that you're still running strong. Take care and keep up the great work!

Anne said...

This heatwave is tough, even for those of us on the injury list. I seem to recall weather like this at previous AFC's...just hydrate well and hold back on the tequila during the Margaritaville stop at Mile 10.

barbie2be said...

oh i can't wait to hear how you like the bean. i have been thinking about getting one.

nick gilder?

Irene said...

You have been missed!

Tequila at mile 10??? I passed the beer at around mile 23 at SDRNR, I think I can hold back on the tequila. ;) I have my hydration belt ready to go!

Keep guessing! It *IS* a guy.

barbie2be said...

irene, the only other choice would be billy idol. :)

leslie said...

The Bean looks fun. And if it makes working out fun, it's worth it!

Keep up the great running work. I need to get some longer distances in and am happy to have a friend who's doing what I need to be doing. And I love your new (?) picture -- so cute you are, both in person and in pics.

Dori said...

I never heard about the bean--looks interesting. Good luck with your half on Sunday--I'll be rootin' for ya!

Dori said...

BTW, I love your marathon finish picture. You look pretty darn toned to me.

leslie said...

Just checked out your muscletank pictures -- there's NO WAY you're 40-anything!!!

And can't wait for a Bean update -- hope you're feeling ok and that the flu bug didn't get the best of you!

Irene said...

Yep! Billy Idol. Winner!

I need to work with it more, which I will do in the weeks after the 13.1 on Sunday. Thanks. I was relieved when that picture was taken! That marathon was over! I'm closing in on 50, in just 2 years, so, yeah, I'm there!

There's been several infomercials on "The Bean" and it's also sold on QVC. I suppose I could have looked for it at the store, but I hadn't seen it. I'll post about it in detail after I've used it for a while. Oh, and thanks. It's my gut that needs go go away! It vanished before, and it can vanish again...