Friday, August 10, 2007

Finally Friday


No workout.

I went to work yesterday and it was an OK day. The guy they interviewed turned out to be great, but he has to give notice at his current job, so he won't be starting for another two weeks. I go back to work on Monday, and it's going to be mayhem. The new girl double booked patients for both doctors, which is tough when we're down a tech. Oh well. It's safe to guess that I probably will be working overtime and not get in a workout or run on Monday.

I went to lunch for sushi with two of the doctors. I don't know if I've ever posted about the sushi burrito before, but it is sooooooooo good! I'm not 100% sure what else is in it besides the tempura shrimp and crab meat, avocado, bean sprouts , cilantro, other veggies, a small amount of cream cheese, and wrapped in a soy bean wrapper, and it comes with it's own special dipping sauce. It's not on the menu. My boss found out about it through the owners, and if you ask for it they'll make it. Definitely not a "clean" meal but I suppose it was better than going out for burgers. I'm suprised I didn't have issues with the cream cheese. No itchy skin. THEN, later that evening I went to dinner with my hubbie at the little fish market just down the street. I was still full from lunch so I did OK with fresh ceviche, which was served in a cocktail glass (small serving) and a small cup of sea food stew.


My friend who ran with me the other day wants to run again today. We'll see. He works the graveyard shift so it all depends on when he can get up and get going. If he does get up and going, I hope to do better on my run with him. This weekend I have to get my husband out to do a long run since the half marathon is NEXT week.

There's some creepy guy out here harassing women as they run. I've heard (on the news) a couple of stories about women being harrassed by a guy over at Mission Trails Park, very close to where I used to do most of my running before we moved. In a couple of instances he tried to grab the women, but they were able to get away and others called police. The best piece of advice (from the news article) was to not run alone and be very aware of your surroundings.

Ran with my friend. Did much better!
Activity: Run
Date: 08/10/07 02:54 PM
Distance: 2.08 miles
Time: 0:18:38
Speed: 6.7 mph
Pace: 8' 58 min/mile
Calories: 200


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FV Tom said...

wait, wait, wait... a sushi burrito with tempura shrimp? That's my kind of sushi!

be careful of the weirdo. Haven't heard about that up here but it never hurts to be careful

And I will never tell anyone how close we are in age! Besides, you are way more studly than I! That's probably the reason I won't mention it!

be good!

Pat said...

nice run.
stay safe.
carry mace.

gotta run, pat

chantal2bfit said...

I love love love sushi and that shushi burrito sounds heavenly! I just found out that there's a huge Japanese buffet close to me, with all you can eat sushi. Everybody who have been there are raving about it. It's so tempting!

Be careful with that wierdo! I'd carry pepper spray and would have no qualms spraying the dude and kicking him where it hurts the most. :)

6.7 mph for 2 miles! You're a stud! Only in my dreams...

barbie2be said...

i love that picture!

kick his butt if he harrasses you.

george jones or the kenny chesney version of the song? i'm guessing kenny. :)

Irene said...

Ahhh, yes... The sushi burrito. It's like a little bit of heaven. Studly? LOL...

I'll be safe
at a slow pace
Looking into mace.
(Pepper spray didn't rhyme.)

I love sushi! Oh, wow, all you can eat sushi! I am thinking about the pepper spray. Postal workers carry it here.

George Jones! Winner!

Juls said...

It's good advice to run with company but unfortunately I often have to run alone. I do keep aware of my surroundings.