Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rock 'N' Roll Lifestyle

Bean workout today. More of the same, 6 sets of 12 push ups, side kicks ~ 6 sets of 30 glutes, abs and back extensions.

I haven't run since the half marathon. My weird work schedule has dictated when I can run, plus other daily occurrences. I'm hoping to be back with a more solid run and workout schedule with in the next week or so. Speaking of running... I've just signed up for the 2008 San Diego Rock 'N' Roll Marathon. What can I say? I'm addicted to the Rock 'N' Roll events, plus that's probably the only marathon I'll ever participate in because of the generous finish time, party atmosphere, and music. The only other marathon I'd consider is Boston, but it is more likely that I'd attend and be a spectator rather than participating. I would need to knock about an hour off of my current marathon time to even qualify to run the Boston Marathon, and that is highly unlikely, although not totally impossible. Stranger things have happened.

My brother phoned me last night, just to hear about my trip down memory lane and the services for Mrs. S. He's also wanting me to run with him in a half marathon event at Big Sur/Monterey in November, but that's at the same time as the Silver Strand event. I've known about the Monterey event for a while, and I've gently declined, but he keeps asking. I don't know if I can do another trip north so quickly, especially just a couple of weeks after the Nike Women's half marathon in San Francisco. It's the expense as well, because a month later is my 25th wedding anniversary to my hubbie, and I'm just about certain we're going to fly away somewhere tropical to celebrate. If there were nothing else going on, I'd probably fly up for the Monterey event, because it does sound intriguing to run along the scenic Northern California coast. Maybe next year...



barbie2be said...


i hate it when work interupts my workouts. like when i have to work late and then can't do my walk as long as i normally do because it is too dark or whatever.

Donna said...

You know, if you do come to Boston, either to run or watch, we will definitely have to meet. That would be so much fun!!! I'm always in Boston for Marathon Monday, we go to the Red Sox game first and then try to catch the end of the race. So much fun!

Irene said...

I can usually fit in a workout or run when my work schedule is sporadic, but sometimes it doesn't work, due to super hot weather or just being too tired.

Long time no see! If I ever make it to Boston, to run or otherwise, I will definitely let you kow! It would be so wonderful to meet you.