Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Old Man Cruiser

This is my son's cat, Cruiser. We adopted him at the ASPCA when my son was age 4, and Cruiser was a kitten, so that puts Cruiser at around 14+ years old. In cat years, that's quite senior. He has to be one of the smartest cats that's ever lived with us. We used to live on a very busy street and he knew to stay off the street, where other cats in the neighborhood quickly met their demise. When my son is in the garage ripping out some serious guitar chords, Cruiser is right with him. Cruiser is a sweet, shy, easy-going kitty, however Luna kitty "errs" when ever Cruiser walks next to her... Cruiser is a sweetie and always comes out of the wood work when I'm on the Bowflex. I wish he could be my "spotter" because he's always there. ;)

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