Sunday, January 15, 2006


Now it's back to the subject of working out...

I joined in on the "Cookie Cutting Challenge" on I needed something to keep me accountable until I begin marathon training in a few weeks, and this one month challenge seems to be helping. A few things have not gone as planned, such as my weight training workouts, but I was able to improvise and still get in a workout. I have no excuse to not do anything, even if I couldn't get to the gym, use my weights or Bowflex. Old fashioned exercises still work well, if I do enough repetitions.

I am currently building up to marathon training. Last week I ran on 3 separate days for a total of 18+ miles. I need to bring that up to 20 miles. I need to add a mile to a couple of those runs or add an extra day of running, but just run the 2 extra miles. My knees haven't given me any issues yet. I know to take it easy and go slow if/when they act up and make sure I take all of my supplements that help with my knee issues.

I logged onto the site and it still has "my" shoes listed, but only under the "custom" section. Hmmmm. It would cost me $25.00 to more to get custom colors, but at least I'd have my shoe style. I'll have to think about that one. They stopped carrying my Nike Turb-Oz Shox at most of the retailers I go to. The Nike people haven't posted an alternate shoe or new model to replace my shoe. I can either suck it up and pay the extra cash for my shoe with custom colors, or just find a another style/brand. The Shox Turb-Oz were my shoes after The Mizuno Wave Riders, which I loved, until I began marathon training. My big toe on my left foot had issues so I had to switch brands.

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