Friday, January 27, 2006

Jury Duty & Other Ramblings...

I was summoned to put in time for jury duty and was actually selected as a juror. We, the jurors, listened to 3 days of testimony and were anxious to discuss the case, but the defendant took a plea bargain instead, so we were excused. A few people were just itchy to discuss this case, and we did after we were excused. The judge was actually quite interesting and somewhat on the comical side, which made him seem less intimidating... I'm glad to be finished with jury duty, not because of having to serve on a jury, but because the courthouse is just a few blocks away from a shopping mall. I'm not a big shopper but with 2 hour lunch break I could do some serious damage at the mall by the courthouse, especially since the mall isn't packed with people like it is on the week-ends.

I ordered an Ormon hand-held body fat analyzer through last week and it came in today. It's an interesting gadget and I'm actually surprised how well it works.
I also have a Tanita scale that has an option for body fat percentage, but that percentage number seems awfully high and is extremely inconsistent, however the weight seems to coincide with the doctor's office scale. Most people I've asked do like their Ormon, so I hope I end up feeling the same way. So far, this nifty little gadget seems to be a good purchase.

I'm officially on track with marathon training! Woooohoooo! Let the mileage begin! I have about 18 weeks until marathon day!


Anonymous said...

Can you talk about the case or were you sworn to secrecy?

I'm actually looking forward to being called for jury duty. This might sound strange to some but I am kind of fascinated by our country's judicial system.

Take care!

Irene said...

Hi Angie!
We can't talk about the case while it's going on, but now that it's over we can discuss it openly. The case had to do with a robbery at an ATM. It was the guy in the get-a-way car who was on trial for assisting with the robbery, DUI, and 2 hit-and-runs while fleeing. The guy who did the robbery wasn't caught, he got out of the car and fled at one point, but the guy with the get-away-car was followed (by car) by the victim and a "Good Samaritan" who saw what was going on. It was kind of interesting to see the ATM monitor footage of the robbery and even listen to the 911 phone conversation.

Cathy said...

I love my Omron & the BF at least for me is friendlier than my Tanita (no athletic mode).

You have happy looking pets!

Irene said...

So far, the Ormon seems right where I think my body fat percentage should be. It was sort of a wake up call for my husband, though, seeing how high his percentages are for his age... Gotta love technology, though! It's a very cool gadget!

My animals are spoiled and happy... Still have one more kitty to post, but he's a shy guy... He's an "old man" in kitty years...