Monday, January 09, 2006

Observing From A Safe Distance

On Sunday I attended a home tour for a community my husband works in. The home tour consisted of a walk through a particular neighborhood to view a small selection of remodeled homes, 6 homes, to be exact. It was fun to see what other people do to their homes, whether if it's ultra modern minimalist or very traditional and eclectic. Most of the home owners sent their kids and pets (if any) out for the day, but a few kept their critters around. At one home was this cat, who was perched up on the third story roof of one of the tour homes. At one point the cat did come down to take a peek at us, but that was as close as the cat would come... With 400 people milling through "your" house, I guess observing from a safe distance would be the best thing to do.

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