Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Ramble On

Anything but a Wordless Wednesday...


FYI, in my last post the dog is trying to eat the bubbles and having fun.  When she was much younger she would love to chase the bubbles with a "woohoo!!!" attitude.

It figures that now we're  into November the weather is more summer-like.  I'm  not complaining one bit, but after the overcast and sometimes cold summer, I am enjoying the warmer weather.

 Clear skies.  
I know, not exciting.  This is the view from the parking structure of my doctor's office.

Running has been less productive as I would like.  I just can't get beyond the shin splints, still.  The right leg is OK, it's the left leg shin that will scream at me when I run anything beyond 5 miles.  It's not as sore as it was just a few weeks ago.  I know if I just stopped running for 3 weeks I could probably get rid of the shin splints once and for all, but  with a half marathon in about 4 weeks I can probably take one week off.  My mileage base isn't what it used to be, either.  The most I've run (at one time since about August) is 7 miles at one time.  Not good.  I'm all set for a slow 10K, not a half marathon.  My weekly mileage has suffered, too.  I've been running about 10 to 15 miles a week -- Not good, either.  Yikes. I guess my strategy will be to enjoy the ride, so to speak. My pacing is off, too.  I should be running in the low 9 minute mile to mid/high 8 minute mile range for a half marathon, not 11s and 12s.  I was so looking forward to PRing at the Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon, but I guess it's not to be.  I also have a 5k THIS weekend that I was hoping to do well at, but I'll do well when I'm finished and enjoying the champagne brunch after the race is over.

I know every runner tends to go through some sort of slump due to injury or  unforeseen circumstances, but, come on already.  It has been over 3 years!  I haven't had a PR since 2007 or early 2008.  2008 was when I had the fractures and surgery.  2009 was all about rehabbing and rebuilding and I was happy just to get going again.  2010 started out hopeful  and I was making a ton of progress, but then it was one illness or injury after the next.  Perhaps I need another odd number year.  2011?  Please?

Remember those Nike Lunarglide + 2 test shoes?  I LIKED THOSE, a lot.  They're more comfortable and durable that I expected they would be.  I've had past  issues with Nike's not lasting more than 100 miles, which isn't good for marathon training.  I've put well over 100 miles on those Lunarglides and they have hundreds of miles in them.  From what I've heard,  they're featured in the November 2010 Runner's World Magazine*.  They didn't use my 2 cents, but I thought I'd give those a positive mention , anyway.

Currently, I'm testing the Saucony Pro Grid Jazz 14.  I've had these a couple of weeks.  They're super durable and, for a neutral shoe, are really supportive.  These feel much firmer than other neutral shoes I've used, but Saucony's are durable and can usually take a beating.  Bonus points that they're not making my shin splints worse.  I still have my Sauconys from a wear test I did well over a year ago, and those still have a lot of run left in them.

Although the pastel green color is minimal, I still have issue with pastel colors on my running shoes, however, the mostly black, white and silver overlays and details makes up for it. 

Last week I pulled a muscle in my right hamstring while at my RU Run Fit Class.  As usual, I wasn't doing anything extraordinary.  We were doing warm up exercises when the cramp suddenly came on.  Most of the discomfort is gone, but every once in a while  I feel that minor tension in my hammy.  Sheesh.

Halloween came and went.  The kiddo went as Ironman.  His mother went to a party as a version of Lady Gaga the night before. I didn't dress up this year. Call me crazy, but I stayed home with the dog and doled out candy to the 30 trick or treaters who came by.   Go me.  My daughter took the kiddo trick or treating closer to our house and Hubs took the kid trick or treating on a second shift in a different part of the neighborhood.  It's not like the kid needed any more candy, I just think Hubs really likes trick or treating, plus there's a street in our neighborhood that caters to the adults and hands out bowls of chili and Dixie cups filled with margaritas.

Tuesday I was at the rental house waiting for the new renter to show up with a rent check.  She called to say she'd be about 30 minutes late.  I decided to walk my old run route in that neighborhood. Not much has changed there, other than a few more homes are up for sale, but I put in my 2 mile loop.   It was a beautiful day in the old neighborhood.

Since I had my cell phone with me, I used the GPS running program, however I just found out that Bones In Motion is closing shop and we can transfer our past data to another application.**  That's nice, but my cell phone doesn't work with the new application.  My cell phone carrier is not supported.  I was planning to post that map here, but now I can't.  SIGH.  I need to migrate  three years worth of data over to the new application so I don't lose it, but it won't migrate everything, such as my notes on the run and mile splits. Now I'm really glad that I have my Garmin, but that means I need to remember to wear it every single time I run, and I don't always remember to wear it.

It's kind of funny that, as adults, we still receive stickers.  Here's two I've just received:

I always expect the "I Voted" sticker.

I did not expect the nurse to slap a sticker on me for getting a flu shot.

I'm still going though testing to figure out the intermittent fatigue I've been dealing with all summer.  Today I gave more blood for allergy testing, although I have no idea which allergies I'm being tested for. I really should have been given a referral to an allergy specialist, but we'll see if anything shows up.

Finally, I was rummaging through several item that were in storage.  I came across a series of watercolors and inks that I created when I was a sophomore in high school...  19*cough*74*cough*...

This was before the advent of disposable, pre-filled tech pens and Prismacolor felt tipped pens that comes in ten-thousand colors.  I used cake water colors, sabline brushes, and a traditional fine point calligraphy pen and dipped that into a vial of India ink over and over again.  That really was so old school.  My style has changed so much since that time due to time.  That particular piece took weeks to do in a twice a week, two hour art class.  I don't think I would have the patience to do anything like that at this time in my life.  I take that back.  With the disposable, pre-filled tech pens and Prismacolor felt tipped pens the process would probably be faster, but it still would take more than one day.  I'd rather be out running.

Last Wednesday's Song:
Something Good This Way Comes - Jakob Dylan


*I still have not received that issue. 
** I don't care for it.  BiM offered more data. 


Robin said...

So sorry to hear you're still plagued with injuries/aches/pains. Bummer, friend.

I'm a devout Saucony wearer...hoping these will work for you!

BTW: I like the pic from doc's office. After living in southern Cal, it's nice to see photos from there! :-) Always such blue, blue skies.

*hugs* from Orlando!

Jill said...

I always love it when you ramble off all the current things in your life, it's like getting a long letter in the mail and you just read and read!!

Ok, I am officially mad at your shins, this lastest injury has to be the last straw, enough already!! I wish you were able to train like you wanted to (oh how I understand!!) for Vegas...but it will be fun that you get to go and enjoy the fun stuff the city has to offer...and get a little half done in the meantime!! You'll just go show those shins who's boss and run well!!!

Your art work is so pretty, you are very talented! My daughter's birthday is next week (20..yikes) and all she asked for is art supplies. She's not even an art major (though she'd LOVE to be, if there was just work in the that industry!). Maybe you can come to CO and give her some tips, and we'd go for a run :)!!

HUGS to you, girlie. Enjoy the warm weather!

Anne said...

Sorry to hear the shins are still splinging...sigh. Hope they keep improving and that you're enjoying your runs again soon!

Funny that you got a sticker after your flu shot :)

Chris K said...

I knew it. You are a hippie. Stay saying "groovy" too. And I'm on to your titles, soon we will be seeing "Dazed and Confused" :-)

Jo Lynn said...

I am sorry about your shin splints.
I can hardly wait to get out of my "slump" from running. Just a few more weeks, hopefully. ;)

Teamarcia said...

Boo to the ornery shins! I hope by some miracle they heal up for good. Love the artwork!

Nitmos said...

Nice picture. I made some chalk art in the early 80's that, surprisingly, retains its chalk in the place I put it. Must be the copious amounts of hair spray.

Sorry to mention it but my word ver is "gostrain". Cruel, no?

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

Sending you healing thoughts!

Spencer said...

Sorry to hear that the new miCoach service doesn't work with your phone. One bit of good news - your comments from your activities will transfer to miCoach, and I understand that adidas will be adding support for more phones on an ongoing basis.


Glenn Jones said...

Boo hoo on the shin splints! Enough already. Haven't the running Gods doled out more than your fair share of injuries to you the pst couple of years? Imena after all, you're still a young'un. I graduated high school in 75....

I'm hoping to make that same race this year. I forgot that my brother is getting married on Saturday, and since I'm best man, I guess I have to be there. If I'm there on Sunday you and I can keep each other company - my pace is about what your's is right now.

And I've marked Halloween on my calendar. Chili and margaritas?Too bad my kids are all grown up!

Black Knight said...

Ramble on ... Led Zeppelin...remembering when I was young!
Sorry for your shin splints.
Beautiful beautiful art work, I like it very much.

Anne said...

Darnit. I knew this one and Sefano beat me to it.

I love your artwork. I just spent some time with a friend who is heading to Tuscany as an artist-in-residence. Your work is comparable, in my opinion.

OK, another subject: Are you happy with this season's winner on Project Runway?

Lisa said...

definately not been your year...or series of years...i hope 2011 is the year you've been waiting for!

Meg said...

It was nice catching up with you, Irene! I loved the chili and margarita idea for the trick or treating parents, very clever.
I'm so sorry about your fatigue and wish you were back and feeling strong again. This has gone on too long. My heart goes out to you!

Biz said...

I used to have shin splints when I ran indoor track in high school "cough 1984" and the trainer used to have dixie cups of water in the freezer.

You just peeled around the top and then rubbed the ice on your shins - it was fricken cold, but it helped!