Monday, November 08, 2010

There and Back Again

 Pre race photo op with "Mik", "AKA Alice" and "Walter"

Sunday was the Shelter Island 5k Run. This is a favorite because there's a champagne brunch after the race. The brunch is held at Humphreys, the same place where Hubs and I often enjoy summer concerts. Sunday's run felt a lot like summer.  I ditched my jacket before the race because it was already warming up at 7 AM. It felt more like July than it did November. I'm still dealing with shin splints in my left shin, but I figured I'd just cruise this 5k instead of race it. I cruised, but I should have cruised a little slower, even though I felt like I was going slow for me. I could not run faster at all, even if I tried. I couldn't even make a mad sprint for the finish line when it was in sight. It just wasn't going to happen. I sort of broke even with my last 5k - July 4th 2010 in Coronado. Sunday's 5k was actually a few seconds faster than Coronado, but still a good 4 minutes away from a PR.

Here's my stats:

Time: 29:19
Pace: 9:27
F 50-54: 12 out of 56 
The fun thing about this particular race is that it sort of feels like one huge party and EVERYONE seems to be in a great mood.  I'm sure the champagne/mimosas helped with the great mood.

AKA Alice and Rich

Hubs and I with my former coworker Darla.  We haven't seen Darla in a  few years!

Hubs had a really good race day.  Even though he really wasn't attempting to go for a PR, he achieved just that...  An all time 5k PR.   He finished in 30:10, a 9:43 minute mile pace.  This is the first time he has broken a 10 minute mile pace.  My friend Rich had a really good run too.  His time was 24:30 - Pace/mile 7:54,  a new PR,  taking about two minutes off of his last 5k race.

 Cheers!  Mimosas makes the shin feel all better!
Photo credit to Rich
A group from RU was also at the run, and I did see my PT Bryan run right past me, but I did not see any of them at the brunch.  They were wearing bright yellow tech shirts, but it turns out they all changed out of their tech shirts after the race. I was looking for a group with bright yellow shirts, which is probably why I never found them.

The next day...

Monday was little bit rough.  My shin is not too happy with me.  I've been doing everything I'm supposed to be doing for it, and it's helping, including this:

I have about eight of these cups and a ziplock bag with homemade blue ice(a slushy ice pack) in my freezer.  I'm foam rolling, massaging, stretching, doing ankle exercises, point and flex exercises, modified squats and lunge matrices. (It's an RU thing - squats and lunges are the cure all for just about everything.) You name it, I'm doing what ever it takes to relieve shin splints.  I've been to the doctor, the chiropractor and my physical therapist.  I appreciate all the advice and kind words everyone has given to me and, trust me, I've been trying it all. 

I've been back to using the old school Bowflex, low weight high rep exercises and utilizing the row attachment seat for some sort of alternative cardio since I don't feel like going into the gym and using their crappy old stationary bikes. 

I have just less than 4 weeks until the Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll half marathon.  I still need to get in some mileage, and I plan on taking a very conservative approach to it.  I need to put a 10 miler this week, even if I run/walk the entire way. 

Wednesday's Song:
Ramble On - Led Zeppelin - Black Knight



Lisa said...

Good job on the 5K.

Very clever with the ice.

Best wishes getting ready for the upcoming half marathon

Jill said...

Yay - that was a great time on the 5K ...and how fun to see some fun friends (love Alice's blog :) )! I bet it was a great pick me up, huh? Sorry about those dang shins...grr. I have a razor blade I'm going to use to saw off my heel, would you like me to send it to you when I'm done? That'll show our aches where to shove 'em!! Hehe.

I do that icing thing with my knee, it really does make it feel good - probably cuz it's numb but whatever, temporary relief is still relief, right?

Hope they feel better soon and let you get some mileage up for LV!

Aka Alice said...

I've been thinking all weekend about how we can do that again... What a great morning. I ended up sleeping through 1/2 of the Charger game :-))

Sucks about the shin splints. Do take it easy in Vegas (I know you will...but I had to say it anyway).

Black Knight said...

Good job on the 5K. I hope that you feel better soon so you will be able to run as you can and as you like. 12 of 56 in the age group (my same group until dec. 31) means that you are a top runner!
Great pictures.

Anne said...

Sure sounds like good times were had by all, Michael especially. Nice work!

Anne said...

Congrats on your 5K! Great pace...I really hope to run a sub-30 min 5K one day soon.

Hope your shin feels better and lets you get the miles in.

Nitmos said...

I've never considered drinking champagne after a race but....ok. Congrats on a solid race.

Susie said...

Sorry about your shin. Hope it gets better for you.

I've been sidelined with a back injury. Just ran today for the first time in over 3 weeks. I made it 9 minutes before the back told me to quit.

Glenn Jones said...

Sub 30:00 is a cruise? Heaven help us once you get over your string of injuries!

Sorry I missed all the fun. But, I didn't get home until after 1AM (best man duties, so even with the extra hour of sleep,5AM came (and went) way too soon.