Monday, November 22, 2010

D'yer Mak'er

Yee-haw!  One week back at work full time and I've already put in overtime.  Due to the actions of the ghosts of employees past, there's a lot of  corrections to be made, pick up the ball that was dropped, and bring everything up to speed.  I realize I have plenty of catching up to do, but it's coming back rather quickly.  Every night before I leave they say:
"No texting or e-mail messages, OK?"
"We know where you live!"
"We'll make you come back!" 
The reason being is that their last two employees quit by text message and e-mail.  I'm glad to be back, even though it seems overwhelming at times. I know everything will fall into place.  I've been to this rodeo before.

Running is happening, slow, but it's happening. I'm still dealing with shin splints, although they are less sore. My last run before the Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll half was less than stellar, but I got it in, hills, shin splints and rain.

We were supposed to do a flat run out by the bay, but we had a social networking group join us for the run, and we met out at the RU facility in Sorrento Valley, and it was much easier for the group to meet indoors, especially since it had been raining that morning. This group handled their runs differently than what I'm used to. Instead of sending people out by pace (all the 8 to 9 minute milers take off, then the 9 to 10 minute milers, etc), they sent people out by how far they we running. I was running with a pretty nice group until we arrived to the intersection where the people running 6 miles went one way, and the people running 11 miles went another way. I suddenly found myself alone, since I was the only woman over age 40 running more than 6 miles at a much less than an 8 minute mile. I don't mind the alone time, though, but that's when I was going up hill. The shins weren't too happy with me. This had to be one of the slowest runs I've had lately, but I just wanted to get in the 11 miles without walking. The run up Coast Highway through Del Mar, to the "Welcome to Solana Beach" sign is actually a pleasant run, especially early in the morning. I didn't take pictures, but it was also quite damp out, and a camera would have been a moot point, unless it was waterproof. I avoided any heavy rain until I had only a half mile to go. You just can't outrun Mother Nature. A nice, steady shower hit. It's one of those rain showers that's great if you're indoors with a hot beverage in front of a fireplace. Alas, I was running underneath the I-5 at that point, watching the rain from the underneath the bridge and I really wanted to finish. It would have been easy to just stand there until the rain let up, but maybe it would rain for hours. I made myself run the half mile in the rain back to the warm confines of RU. It honestly wasn't a huge stretch or feat to run in the rain, it was actually kind of nice. Running in the rain gave me the excuse to explain my slow pace, but we all know better.

There's so much more to talk about, especially about work -- it's like a sit-com -- but my mind is toast. 'Nite.

Thursday's (November 11, 2010) Song:
Sweet Serendipity -  Lee DeWyze



Aka Alice said...

Probably good you didn't wait under the bridge. You could have been there for hours!

(come back to the track back to the track club...)


Black Knight said...

D'yer maker wonderful Led Zeppelin song but I like the Sheril Crow's version too.
The same here I came back home before under the heavy rain and after under the hail (unusual here).

Jill said...

Less shin splits??? YAYYYYYY!!! I "try" to be grateful for the runs I am able to get in lately and less dread on the pace (thought it isn't easy) - that will come, we must tell ourselves. Glad you got out there for a (wet) run....and hello, last pre-Las Vegas run??!! You're going to have so much fun!!!! :)

(I'm doing a little holiday blog gift exchange, if interested. Stop by if so!!).

Welcome back to work full-time -Have a wonderful Thankgiving!!!

Nitmos said...

Lee Dewyze is still around, eh? I fogired he already went the Kris Allen route - to Ford commercials and obscurity. Good for him!

Glenn Jones said...

Must be nice to be back in circulation and getting a paycheck! Congrats!

Meg said...

I can't believe people quit their jobs by text or email, I've never heard of that! Crazy times!

I'm happy you're back running, even if it's in the rain but so sorry you had to finish on your the rain. Sometimes those runs are the best ones...wet and all. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Chris K said...

Well, well, well, you did it. Nice post title. I see that you came up and ran in my 'hood. I don't recall you seeking my permission beforehand :-)

Anne said...

One of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs! And what's with resigning by text or email. Why does the office allow it? It sounds like you're a wonderful addition to that team.