Friday, August 13, 2010

Show Me What I'm Looking For

I didn't realize that the last run with the track club session (that we've paid for) was last Sunday.  We slept in and woke up way too late even think about running. I'll have to drag my husband out for a run somewhere tomorrow morning just so we can keep moving.  We're not going to join the second half of the track club's "Half Mad or Whatever" training program, although we might  see about running with a few friends on the weekends near by just to keep things going.  We also have some half marathons in the Fall and Winter, but I'll be training with RU again.

Last week I attended another Runner's World Magazine's Wear Test distribution.  This time  I received a phone call for the invite instead of a general e-mail, and this time they only had about 25 pairs of shoes total.  I was selected by Runner's World Magazine based on shoe size and that I turn in my reviews to the magazine on time.  Sometimes these distributions can be a zoo because it's first come, first serve (even for regular wear testers), and people line up for a few hours to get a good spot in line.  This time there was no line.  We were all guaranteed a pair of shoes.  I came away with a pair of Nike's Lunarglide+ 2. 

I've wanted to try the Lunarglides ever since they came out a couple of years ago.  I did try on a a pair of the first Lunarglide versions Nike had, but, at the time, another pair of shoes fit better.  The Lunarglide+ 2 do fit my foot better than the original version, as they've made a few improvements to the toe box area (not as long) and they don't feel as stiff.  My custom orthotic fit perfectly in these shoes.  I took them on a 3 mile run in the 'hood, and they felt rather comfortable.  The real test will be when I put on more miles.  I've had issues with past Nike running shoes not lasting more than 100 miles, and if I'm training for a half marathon or further, that's not a lot of wear.  I wore out the treads of the Nike Air Pegasus with about 70 miles on them.  With only three miles on these new Lunarglides, I can't really judge how well they'll do on a long run, but that will happen soon.  I'll give my two cents about wear and durability later.  I'm  hopeful.

I'm still 'trolling the net for a stationary upright bike, perhaps a spin bike with mileage gauges.  I'm open to suggestions, if anyone has any thoughts or recommendations.  I'm looking to buy new.   I do own a real bike, but I need to be doing a V02 max workout, and the only way to do that without killing myself is on a stationary bike. The gym's craptastic stationary bikes aren't cutting it for me. I've tried.

Hubs and I will be volunteering this Sunday at the AFC Half Marathon, water station #1 with the San Diego Track Club. I'll try to say hi to you as you run by, provided that you are running in this race.  *wink*

Wednesday's Song:
Happy Feet - Paul  Whiteman, John Altman, Abbie Garnder, etc.



Andrew Opala said...

sweet shoe deal ... you are in demand!

Welcome to my blog BTW.

I'll look over your blog, but if I can't find it, and you comment a bit on your training programs and the goals you want to achieve. Thanks.

Lisa said...

So THAT's the story on the shoes. Sweet.

I'm manning a water stop at a half marathon this weekend too. :-)

Jo Lynn said...

Man, I never get free sh*t! So jealous. ;)

Deene said...

cool! they don't exactly look the part of running shoes except for the mesh on top. my first impression was saddle shoes (only because i found a pair for halloween dress up just recently).

misszippy said...

If nothing else, the shoes get points for style!

Black Knight said...

Runner's World Magazine's Wear Test distribution sounds interesting. In 2006 all the Florence marathon finishers got a special RW t-shirt. I came back home proud with my well deserved shirt and went to the news stand to buy the usual newspaper but ... what a surprise... I found the italian RW magazine special edition with the same t-shirt for only 2 euro!!! I got terribly angry!

Stacey said...

Isn't free stuff great?!

zbsports said...

I like the shoes so cool. The color and design is awesome.